{Top: Bloom | Scarf: Gap | Sunnies: c/o Coach}
I bought these feisty little cords back in ’10. The sales people in Gap thought I was crazy for buying red pants. But little did they know everyone and their toddlers would be wearing colored pants in the next 18 months. Of course I felt a little crazy, too. I remember being nervous wearing them to the office for the first time. Were my co-workers eyes going to bleed? Would I be sent home at lunch to change into something less flashy? Truth be told I spent most of the day behind my desk. I’m not even sure if I left to get lunch for fear of someone making a comment at my bright legs. 
 It’s funny to think back to how shy I was about colored cords and now how I’ve embraced them full force. I mean I went from hiding behind my desk to selling them online. If that’s not full circle, I don’t know what is.

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  1. How funny that you bought them 2 years ago, and now colored pants are EVERYWHERE.  I bought flowered jeans RIGHT before they exploded, and now I'm a little mad I didn't wait for something cheaper.

  2. This is such a bold outfit! I love the colors and patterns you've chosen. And those lovely, lovely boots and bag. Kendi, you are one lucky gal.

    "Were my co-workers eyes going to bleed?" Lol.

  3. That is so funny! I totally know what you mean tho! I remember being like that with skinny jeans like 10 years ago. I felt like such a weirdo wearing them. Now thats almost all I own! Weird how style and what you are comfortable in changes. And what a trailblazer you were…buying red pants before they were big. You fashionista you.


  4. Great bag and boots! I like this outfit very much :)

  5. Adorable Kendi! 🙂 I am a Gap Associate part time and probably did judge the people who bought these. 😉 bet they were an item after the person left and we were closing down we were like "wow someone bought THAT product today!!" 😉 BUT obvi you were way smarter!! Great look Kendi! 

  6. Beautiful! Yes, because of you I have purchased a lot of colored pants 🙂

  7. I remember these red cords so well. People were so freaked out by them. Now I wish I had a purchased a pair with a freakin' employee discount! #hindsight 

  8. Okay… finally, I'm giving in and asking–  What's the secret to your curls? Just a plain ol' curling iron, or do you have a trick?  Please do tell!

  9. That scarf is the perfect compliment to the striped blouse! That is so crazy about the Gap people and now what has come around 🙂  You psychic fashionista you

  10. I love absolutely everything about this. I would have never thought red and brown would look this good together!

  11. I love your whole outfit- that blouse is fantastic and love the cords with the boots!!  I just ordered red jeans (finally!) and I can't wait to get them!  

  12. I love this look on you! The colors are great and all the different patterns are just perfect. I looked at that scarf yesterday when Gap was having the big sale but decided to wait. 

  13. I love red and camel together!  I have some red cords and love them!

  14. So feminine. I love that nude/neutral shirt paired with the pop of red. Plus the red lip, it's fantastic. 

    Cords are sometimes awkward, but you make them look majestic. 


  15. Technically, is not full circle, more like, arch. :p (full circle would return your attitude to the one you originally had).

    Super cute outfit regardless, though. I love the pattern mix. 🙂

  16. Just bought some red jeans at Gap last week and thought to myself "Oh! Kendi and I are wearing the same pants!" But alas they are two years apart… Fashion sure does recycle! 🙂 Lookin great as usual! (P.S. – what is the lip color?)

  17. Loving your outfit! You really do have the best mix of colored denim and blouses! Such great essentials to have! 

  18. lovely outfit 🙂 I absolutely love red pants – they add the right amount of kick to your day…

  19. I almost wore pretty much the same outfit today! But the weather in Southern California is still too warm. Love the color combo though!

  20. This outfit is perfection!  The way the scarf brings it all together!  Loving it.

  21. This outfit is absolutely perfection! Love the red and the polka dot combo so much!


  22. Totally love how you paired everything in this outfit. So pretty, also I love colored cords. I almost impulse bought a pair from target last week!


  23. You look so gorgeous in red! I'm loving that pretty scarf!
    xo Heather

  24. oh this may be one of my favorite outfits ever!!! Red and scarves and boots!!!

  25. I literally wore this same outfit yesterday. A pair of red jeans & a gold and beige striped camp shirt-it was my thanksgiving day outfit because it's Thanksgiving in Canada this weekend. Seriously I feel so hip right now. I always admire what you wear. Keep on keepin' on! I love your style. 

  26. This is my favorite outfit yet! I have to make it out to your store! Just a short drive for me. 🙂

  27. I love this combination you have going on here! I clean out my closet all the freaking time (small living places tend to make you do that), but I've started to think about how I need to save things that might be out of style but will come back some day. Your post today has inspired me to comb through my closet with a more critical eye! Gracias!

  28. my first colored pants [since like, 5th grade] were a pair of red skinnies. the first day I wore them to work I was so paranoid someone would say something… but all I got was complements! now they are my go-to pants when I need a little boost of confidence… go figure. red pants forever!

  29. I love the red pants on you!! I have these super bright yellow pants that i tend to hide from people with… Maybe i should be brave like you and 'sell' them online too 😀

  30. Love the color combo going on here! Those cords are adorable and I love the polka dot scarf, so fun 🙂

  31. love your polka dots with stripes!!!! so cute girl!
    xoxo Meagan 

  32. This is one of the cutest outfits I've seen ever on your blog! I love it, and Kendi, you're a trendsetter!!

  33. I love your pants. I would wear them but probably hide behind something for awhile as well till I could adjust to them. 🙂

  34. I love the little co-ordinating touches in this outfit. Beautiful as always Kendi. 🙂

  35. Oddly enough, the Gap email I received in my inbox this morning featured a tan and red striped dress. Kismet. Love this combination and I love full circles that have happy endings on the other side. 🙂

  36. I didn't realize I have been following your blog that long! After you blogged about getting these pants I ran to Gap and bought them too. People told me I was brave then for wearing them and now they all have red pants. So thank you for helping me convince people that I am brave.

  37. So many things to love…that fiery red, the polka/stripes combo…those boots!

  38. Hi Kendi! I was wondering if you could tell me what lipstick you are wearing in this post. I have been looking for a color like that for ages and love it! Thank you!


  39. oooh.. i am currently going through the nervous phase.. i bought a pair of red jeans 2 months back coz i loved the red of it the moment i saw it in the store for sale but i still cant find the guts to wear them at work.. ur post has really inspired me and i hope i will be able to show off my red soon.. :)) xoxo..

  40. I know it's funny how colored used to be so scary to me and now I would wear them in a heartbeat. How the times have changed!

  41. ARGH!!!!  I will PAY you for that scarf!!!  Of course, now that I've "pinned" you in this outfit and bought my red pants, that scarf is SOLD OUT!!!!!  I know…be creative…find one you like as much…sorry, no can do.  This scarf was made for me…so, name your price 🙂

    GREAT look!

  42. FAVORITE outfit ever!!  Seriously-you look amazing in these colors together. You make the red pants look like they totally belong and aren't a crazy trend. Love it!

  43. How cute is this outfit?! I felt the same way about colored cords and jeans. "How will people react when I wear them?" Now, just like you, I embrace them! Red? electric yellow? Don't mind if I do! xoxo, Megan of J'adore Lucy

  44. I'm sorta thinking that Polka Dots and Stripes were MADE for you. You already style them so perfectly. Loving this outfit – naturally… Great job!

    Thank you so much for posting so often, you are an inspiration of mine and I find whenever I am in a fashion rut I come to you. You lead me out of the pot hole and bring me into a gorgeously dressed world. 


  45. I love the mix & match red. Polka dots, strips, & the cords. AWESOME.

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