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I used to think that spring was my season. Bright colors, happy prints, skirts and heels coming from a winter of pants and boots. But I’ve changed my mind. Fall is my favorite. I’m wearing three layers today and not one of them includes tights or sweating. Life is good. 




PS: if you noticed my little arrows on my photos aren’t present today it’s because my computer has decided to slowly shut down vital parts of herself, one by one. Fingers crossed she’ll be back up tomorrow.

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  1. I loooooove fall. Really. That many o's. And I also love this outfit – especially those WEDGES! 🙂


  2. I too am sort of obsessed with this bag.  I guess it's because you style often and it seems to go with anything.  Any chances of still being able to buy one?

  3. wow, I love the color combination! It makes me feel fallish just looking at it. Its the first day it feels like fall here in San Diego, too! I grew up in Texas though, so I know how the sweating issues go out there…

  4. I love fall the most too… Love the muted but rich colors and layers are just so much fun…!


  5. Aw, and hello adorable outfit! I love how you layered this dress Kendi – I just might have to do the same, love it so much!! And best of luck with your computer, oh no. xo 

  6. These colours are all so gorgeous together! I wish it felt more like Fall here 🙁
    xo Heather

  7. Hi Michele — it was from Hobo last year and I think that this style is no longer sold. It's called the Calveras, if that helps in your search!

  8. Totally crushing on this outfit and the combination of colors. I think I've been inspired to layer a few of my sweaters over dresses now, too!

  9. Fall is my favorite too. I find the colors so much more relaxing and at ease. Which helps me prepare for the hectic-ness that is Holidays.


  10. Love these fall colors! Such a great look! Thank you for the inspiration!


  11. Love the fall colors! Such a great look, thanks for the inspiration!
    xo, Chrisitna

  12. I looove fall fashion and colors! You look fab! Love that dress with the sweater on top! My favorite is the dainty layered necklaces. Lovely!


  13. I absolutely LOVE those shoes!

    I didn't think Fall was my season either. I love to wear bright colors, but somehow I have more dark colors in my closet and all of a sudden it's easier to get dressed. Who knew?


  14. Love this look! That dress is perfect for layering! Also really digging those shoes!


  15. you're throwing me here without the labels on the first photo.

    no .. I never read your blog … why do you ask?

    you always top yourself. impossible and amazing.

  16. I think I have decided fall might be my favorite too.  I always thought summer was my #1 but things change.  I guess it all has to do with getting older and maturing…..

  17. You have gorgeous legs! I feel like we hardly see them. You should show them off more often! Go girl!

  18. Thanks, Kate! I never want to be too leggy online so sometimes I do hide them 🙂 They appreciate the kind words though!

  19. I wish you would put the dates back on your outfits. It is fun to look back at what you blogged and compare years!

  20. love love LOVE those shoes!   fall is the best for layering. the best i tell you!

  21. I love the unexpected layering, although it looks like you've sprung a couple extra nipples. I'm guessing those are just buttons on your dress? If not, you might want to get a check-up. I bet you will be the best dressed person at the doctor's office.

    Sarah's Real Life

  22. This outfit is so adorable!  Layering at it's finest I dare say.  Blazer + sweater + dress isn't a combo I think of right off the bat, but it is stunning.  Hope your computer decides to live again!
    Libby at

  23. Lovely outfit. I'm insanely jealous of your autumn weather – I'm already doubling up on tights when wearing skirts/dresses and have been wearing my wool coat for a while… I had to breat out my mittens this week! brr

  24. love everything about this outfit-  I think navy and tan is one of my favourite combos ever.

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