4.2.12.d{Sweater: Bloom | Jeans: Similar | Wedges: Similar
A week is too long, right? I’ve missed you guys. So what’s new? We have so much to not catch up on because nothing happened last week. Honestly, you missed a lot of reality TV and some colored-jean wearing, but that’s about it. I am glad to be reunited though. I mean if this was a Nicholas Sparks novel, we’d run into each other’s arms after writing love letters back and forth for years and then have a passionate make out session. But sadly, I don’t even think Nicholas reads my blog. But we can still make out, if you want. 
I did cheat and take these outfit photos last Friday. Mainly because I had showered that day and put heels on, which to me calls for a photo shoot. Really I can make any excuse for a photo. I have hair: photo shoot. I’m wearing something: photo shoot. I woke up today: photo shoot. And this is why Instagram exists. 
(Also, if you are wondering what that splat is in the last photo, it was an orange. I’m sorry to report that the orange is no longer with us.)

Last seen from the boyfriend jeans:

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  1. Oh my gosh. Finally! I have been checking your blog everyday since you left for your well deserved vacation and I am so happy you're back!!! 🙂

  2. Welcome Back from your Staycation! I hope you feel well rested, and your husband has clean drawers now.
    We missed you, and I for one am glad to score some Kendicrack;)
    Beautiful outfit. And that last picture with the orange? I think I just peed a little!

  3. I trully enjoy your blogs….check out mine if you ever have a chance its new so if you have any comments let me know….Styleatmysize.blogspot.com

  4. LOL Kendi, you're hilarious. I love the way you write, makes me smile every time. RIP lil orange.

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