In the last three weeks, I’ve been in about six different cities in two different states. That my friends is not a humble brag but a simple statement of truth. Here’s another statement of truth: I am freaking exhausted. Like “I haven’t done laundry in weeks and might have to go buy new underwear” exhausted. Like “I haven’t cleaned my car out in so long it looks like someone lives in there and quite possibly someone might be” exhausted. Like “I just called Bryan my brother, who just so happens to be my husband and not a blood relative” exhausted. (And I don’t even have a brother — again, not a humble brag.) All that to say, I think I might need a break. 
I haven’t taken more than a weekend or few days off from the blog in the past two years. Mainly because it gives me a slight anxiety attack to not be posting on the regular. But since opening Bloom last fall I really haven’t taken any time off at all and I’m starting to see the need for some time off.  But unless you want me to go all shaved head Britney with an umbrella on you, I should probably take a break. So this week that’s what I’m going to do. I’m not going on a real vacation, but just a little internet vacation. I’ll be back next week, hopefully refreshed and even more hopefully with a full set of hair.
Till then I’m always on instagram and facebook and sometimes the twitter. Have a happy week, friends.*
*Also, I reserve the right to revoke this post at any time during my faux-cation. Sometimes I just can’t quit you, internet.

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  1. Go relax!!! You deserve it!! We look forward to a refreshed Kendi. We'll miss you but know you need to rest 🙂

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