Good news you guys, I found pleather pants. On sale. In my size. I’m almost certain I saw a light from heaven shine down on the sale rack in Gap that day, but I can’t be sure. Now there are only a few downsides to pleather leggings. 1) It’s hard to bend your knee, which in turn makes a lot of everyday activities difficult. Not impossible, but difficult. 2) Sweaty. I’ll just leave it at that.
The only other problem is that they draw a lot of attention to your lower half. My knees haven’t received this much attention since those yellow tights that looked like my jaundiced skin. Good thing I really like the shape of my knees.

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  1. I love those pants! They remind me of that one episode on Friends where Ross wears leather pants and can't get them off. Please say that you've seen it.

    Darling as always!

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