11.9.11c{Dress,Similar Blazer, Similar Boots, Bag} I’ve had this dress for a while but haven’t quite known how to style it. Mainly because it’s t-shirt material and while t-shirts look good on my top half, they don’t always look good on my bottom half. Really when I stretch any type of thin material from my top to my bottom, I’m going to feel iffy about it, especially when I eat or sit. Two of my favorite things to do. The solution: layers. I’ve put so many layers I bet you didn’t even realize that there was a dress under there. So what did we learn today? When in doubt, layer.  Class dismissed.  (Bonus points for any answer involving ‘Spanx’.)

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  1. this is simple, but i really like it! i’d also like to see it with a bright scarf… maybe again in the spring?

  2. I bet you feel so fabulous in that outfit because you definitely look it!!  I looooove this outfit today!  I want those boots!  Okay, coveting over.  🙂

  3. I’m scribbling notes as I read! I’ve always shied away from long t-shirt material dresses for the same reasons. I only really see them around summertime and the possibility of layering for the fall doesn’t even occur to me at the time.

  4. i love the stripes! i totally know what you mean about stretchy material over the butt and thigh areas lol, i’m not ready for that either, but then every time i see someone else doing it i LOVE it! so maybe it’s just my brain 🙂

  5. I think no matter what the body type, we can all relate a bit with the t-shirt-on-the-bottom-half-problem.  Your solution – brilliant! 

  6. I feel the same way about the T-shirt dress. Spanx are always a good solution, but then of course it throws off the whole trying to be comfortable in a T-shirt dress thing. Either way, you did great with the outfit.

  7. This is probably my most favorite outfit ever. EVER. And that’s saying something because you’ve worn some killer get-ups.

  8. I’ve always wondered what happens to the bits of a woman’s body at the edges of the Spanx. Is everything sort of squeezed out to that point? If not, how do the magical Spanx hold all of that gooey goodness in? It’s questions like these that keep me from trying Spanx and, instead, ‘sucking it in.’ 

    1. Sometimes these bits travel north and I get an extra set of boobs. Sometimes it squeezes out around my thighs. Spanx, albeit magical, do not make things disappear. Only reappear in a less noticeable place.

  9. hahah I just the other day was told by a friend I looked like I’ve lost weight… I was tempted to say “ha! little do you know what’s going on under this sweater, dress, and tights” 

    when in doubt- spanx it out 

  10. I have a striped dress t-shirt material dress that I do the same thing with! Looks great!

  11. I usually wear a bulky sweater that covers at least half if not all of my bum. I know that feeling.

    xo L.

  12. Most definitely have the same problem with stretchy fabrics on my bottom half. Really just my bottom, hah!
    I adore this outfit, though. Well done!!

  13. Great – now I want to run to the store and get a black-and-white striped dress just so I can wear this outfit!! I would also add to your rules – when in doubt, throw on a blazer. Can’t go wrong.

  14. I’m glad to know others share my iffiness about jersey bottom coverage! This dress looks fantastic on you, and Iove the rolled up sleeves of your blazer and the mix of brown and black in this look.  Lovely as always! 

  15. Thank you teacher!  Oh and I must remember to wear spanx when opting for a t-shirt type dress to cover any unslightly bulges, which ladies, we all know we have some. Oh yeah, and the layering tip, very good advice will take it to heart! 

  16. I love that you’re so confident to even try to wear something that you’re not 100% sure about! I wish I had more daring, because I know that no matter what you’re wearing, confidence is key!

  17. This look is great. I am a huge fan of black and white stripes and well done mixing black and brown. You are such a pro at tackling things like that.


    Sunny Blonde Studio

  18. It looks great on you (as always)! 🙂  You make it look so effortless.  I love the color combinations! 

  19. you look awesome!!  and anyone who says they feel confident with only t-shirt material on their junk is LYING!  very important question: what lipcolor are you wearing?  i am trying to get brave enough to try a strong lipstick but i have fair skin and the dark red doesn’t work on me but I think your color might!

  20. Layers are my lover. Not really, but it would be really cool if they were. 

    Your layers are lovely, and the alteration was, in fact, on purpose. I feel similarly about T-shirt dresses, though I love them in theory. I bought a T-shirt maxi dress from Target on a whim not too long ago (I lied, it was like 6 months ago) and have yet to wear it, because I cannot get over how it manages to make me look both large and not at all in charge. This dress, however, makes you look great.

    And I love those boots. I keep meaning to buy myself a pair of knee-high brown flat boots. 🙂


  21. LOVE this look! You are ALWAYS adorable!! Will you share the color of your lipstick??

  22. This is so much more intelligent than Spanx. You’ve got your thinking cap on! You look great. 

  23. OK, this has been bugging me for a while now, so I figure I’ll just come out and ask.  Have you done modeling?  Because I’m 90% sure there’s a giant picture of you outside one of the shops at my mall.  Or I’m just crazy.

  24. I really like that dress actually! it looks like so comfy but yet so stylish…and btw your hairs looks awesome! 🙂


  25. best class ever…I’ve never learned so much 🙂  Loved it…I may have to give it a try 🙂

  26. I have a similar dress and I end up wearing it on hot days around the house. I think if I had your figure I'd be flaunting it! You look gorgeous In the outfit 🙂

    My styling tip: make sure skirts are the most flattering length for your figure. That usually doesn't mean knee length…

  27. Gorgeous! I rarely post (though I read the blog religiously) but I had to say that this is GORGEOUS, even more so because I totally understand how hard to wear that kind of fabric can be, particularly if you add the stripes factor. Now I feel like I really want one! :-p

  28. I loved this so much I just ordered the dress. I hope I got the right size because I have a feeling a lot of your readers are going to be getting this ; )

  29. Cute dress. I know what you mean about those t-shirt dresses. They tend to ‘ride up’ don’t they? Lovely combination with the blazer and scarf!

  30. Ooo – I love the way you layered the shirt dress! I have a similar problem with my polka dotted shirt dress, so definitely saving as inspiration. 🙂

  31. You are so naturally beautiful & have such an addicting blog!  I just made my own & spent a freakishly long time looking at yours.  I obviously love the outfits you post but your writing is what sets you apart.  You’re hilarious!


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