11.7.11d{Similar Sweater, Similar Scarf, Wedges, Watch}
Monday mornings always catch me off guard. I sit down at my computer to write and…nothing. Absolutely nothing comes to mind. So today I will write about nothing. Just like I do every other day, but today I’m acutely aware of it. 
When I bought this skirt (yes, from myself) I wasn’t sure of it’s remixability. But I’ll be darned if I can’t remix this beautiful thing. I have figured out that if it’s a complicated piece then just go simple everywhere else. For instance, the first time I paired it with white and now with black. Next time — probably grey or beige. Who knows? I’m so unpredictable. 
(PS — many have asked about bloom selling online. Right now the answer is no but maybe in the future sometime? Well then. That should answer all your questions.) 

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  1. You've done a great job with this skirt. Witchery here in Australa has a similar one that I keep looking at but now I'm going to buy it as I can see how it will work. Thanks Kendi!

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