11.2.11d{Shop: Similar Blouse, Wedges, Fossil Watch, Scarf} I don’t know if it’s the thrill of finding a really great piece that I didn’t know I wanted or just the art of shopping, but there is something very zen about thrifting. I hadn’t been thrifting since I left Kerrville. (A crying shame, right?) Jentine of My Edit has this thing called ‘This Week I Thrifted…’ and while I was reading I remembered that I have yet to go thrifting in my new town. While I’m no Jentine when it comes to thrifting, I can ususally find a thirft store gem every once in a while. And by gem I mean this blue suede skirt I’m wearing.  Exactly what I wasn’t looking for. New favorite skirt, meet my closet. You’ll fit in just fine. (I’m by no means a thrift expert, so if you’d like to see a pro check out My Edit. She will school you.)

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