10.24.11e{Shop: Lace Top, Cranberry Pants, Loafer Pump (c/o Nine West), Necklace}
On the day that I decided to straighten my new hair, it mists and fogs. But the good news is it made for some pretty/creepy photos. Pretty and creepy is my speciality after all, so I’m pretty pleased. Even if my hair frizzed up five minutes after this photo.
Usually I’m better at posting early on Monday mornings but this weekend was bananas. We shot a wedding in New Orleans on Saturday and then ended up back at the shop yesterday, needless to say outfit photos did not happen. I need to throw this out there: how do celebrities always look so put together while traveling? I look o.k. going onto a plane and then by the end of a 70-minute flight I look a hot mess.  I’m sweaty, my hair is disheveled, I have stains on my shirt, I’ve lost a shoe. Okay so maybe every morning is a foggy morning for me.

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  1. You are so stinking cute! Love the pants and shoes!

    Have you done a post about how you get so many clothes without busting the budget? Or do you bust the budget for the sake of fashion? 😀

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