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And just like that it was fall. I believe it got down in the 30’s last night my friends. See what a little whining can do? It gets you want you want. That’s always been my m.o.  Oh and yes, I cut my hair. Again. This is what I wasn’t brave enough to do the first time around. I somehow found bravery on Wednesday and just said ‘chop it’ to the hair lady. This is going to sound weird, but I wish you guys could feel my hair. It’s really soft, like rabbit’s foot soft. If we ever meet, feel free to touch my hair. I’ll completely understand.

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  1. I LOVE it! Love it love it love it! My hair was like that a few months ago but it's grown out now, this makes me want to cut it again. You look gorgeous

  2. Apart from your awesome new hair cut (I wish I was as brave..), I lovelovelove your jewelery, especially watch and chain bracelet! Would you tell me where you got that from/the brand of the watch?

  3. The new do is simply marvelous! I totally love it. I also love this whole outfit. The color palette is just so appropriate for the fall and cooler temps.

  4. It's fantastic! Looks great on you.
    I love the mustard colored scarf too. I keep seeing that color all over blog fashion land. Kinda love it!

  5. Kendi, I am in love with your new do! Do you have a tutorial on how u do your hair? Ur curls always look so perfect no matter what the length is.
    xo, Kristina at SimplyBold.blogspot.com (Check out my giveaway!)

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