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I had to ease back into blogging this morning. After taking 4 days off from photographing any outfits, and in fact not wearing any outfits, just one pair of sweatpants and one christmas sweater that had to be plugged in to fully function, I was a little intimidated by my closet. And I woke up wanting to wear pants today. (I know this because I woke up to my own voice screaming ‘pants!’) Denim trousers are a good excuse for pants. Because they feel like jeans but look like business. Kind of like a mullet, but not really. Never mind. 
I feel very romantic today. I even bought myself flowers, ate lunch by candle light and took myself out for an afternoon stroll, while holding my own hand. This is what happens when I wear lace-covered satin. I get all mushy inside. 
How was everyone’s Christmas? Mine was good. I think everyone was sufficiently unimpressed with my gifts this year. That’s my goal. Each year give something someone could use but they definitely don’t want. That way when I really give a good gift, they will be really excited. Bryan always wanted a used calculator watch. He just didn’t know it. 

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  1. My Christmas was good. I survived, so that's an accomplishment. I'm now just taking a break from purging my closet. It feels really good. Now there is all this space for new things in 2011.

    I don't think I've ever seen you in trousers before, but they look great on you. This oufit is definitely romantic. Your earrings are lovely too. Now back to the purge…


  2. you look absolutely stunning in this! very romantic indeed. i think i shall try to recreate… you know, when I'm back to wearing naything other than yoga pants and a hoodie…

    Surely Sonsy

    p.s. i'm gonna start a closet purge today, thanks to you!

  3. Kendi– this outfit is very pretty and you look long and lean! I love the necklace. And great post, very funny!

  4. Sounds like an awesome day, spent in a great outfit. I totally get the mullet potential of denim trousers, lol. I am also wearing pants today, going NYE dress shopping!

  5. Aw, I adore this outfit – especially love your blouse, earrings, and pants!

    Glad you had a relaxing holiday! Mine was spent in sweatpants for a large amount of it, as well : )

  6. I just started following you and find you very refreshing 😀 love the outfit, and burst out laughing at the mullet comment.

  7. love love love love the Loft shirt! and those earrings are amazing as well. Great outfit.
    I have added you to my blog-roll

  8. ask me if i bought a calculator watch for my brother this year.

    if you did in fact ask me, the answer is yes. haha you rock kendi.

  9. OK, you look awesome in Trouser Jeans! I don't know if I have ever seen you sport them. Great awesome outfit!!

  10. @anon — you betcha you did. I've actually always lusted after a calculator watch, so in my eyes it's not a bad gift.

    @Caro — I got it at H&M back in September. I lurve it.

    @Peggy — I've worn them a few (or maybe once?) before! I'll have to dig through my archives to find it, but I don't wear pants as often as I'd like.

  11. oh girl, you are quite the double whammy. clever AND stylish. making all of us mere mortals look bad! 🙂

    oh man, i am ALL OVER that dating myself business. i'm quite adept at spooning, if i do say so myself. and i'm quite chivalrous.

    love the outfit as usual. and i agree! lacy details always make me feel all lovey dovey!

  12. Your hair always looks amazing but this time you've captured a look close to my heart. I have tried and failed at this so many times. I don't (and sadly can't) have your fab bangs, which definitely bring it to a whole other level, but I just can't seem to manage getting any poofy/volume on top (my hair is fine and long). The unwashed approach and what products I've tried haven't worked. A tutorial would be so amazing, if you can make the time!! Happy holidays!!

  13. Yay for trouser jeans that flatters everyone! And for the beautiful color on your sweater! The earrings are very pretty as well. Tell you what, with the most amazing background and those steps that these pictures are taken, there is absolutely nothing I don't love about this post!!

  14. This outfit is by far one of my favorites I've EVER seen you wear. And I'm a follower because I love all your outfits. Sooo…. extra props her is all I'm saying. You look so sophisticated and your hair! Oh, your hair is amazing.
    Glad you're back to posting!

  15. That button up is beautiful, and looks great on you! I love the colors you put together for this- very calm and romantic. Also, I have to say your hair looks extra pretty in these pictures!

  16. Haha the funny thing is that before I read your post I thought to myself "That's a very romantic outfit she has on". My holiday was great- I got the best gift ever, a fiance!

  17. I know you're aiming to be Catherine/Kate (or at least your hair is ;-), but in these adorably romantic pics you totally remind me of Mary, crown princess of Denmark – not quite as "polished", but in a more comfy and friendly way. greetings, Macs

  18. Love the satin and lace top paired with the mullet pant. You are right, relaxing but still business. I second your vote for un-fantastic presents. This year everyone got boring gifts.

  19. the outfits are a plus to your blog – really, im always reading cuz you crack me up. I love your humor 🙂

  20. @olivia — I got them years ago (for my wedding actually) at Nordstrom's. I can't remember what brand they were, they were just at the jewelry counter. They were fairly cheap too — maybe $25? I know, big spender, eh?

  21. I LOVE this outfit – and the H&M blouse is so cute! I wonder how I missed this one. I hope you have a great New Year's Eve celebration!

  22. Your hair matches the wispy romantic aura of the lace-covered satin. Great outfit and great hair.

  23. I don't know how I haven't found your blog before tonight, but I am oh so glad that I did. Your writing style is hilarious. I literally L.O.L.'ed at my computer screen. in my quiet room. at 11pm. I do believe this is love. BLOG love. Which is kindof the best kind.

  24. Kendi! Thank you so much for letting me know..Nordstroms is one of my favs! I probably won't be able to find them…but you look fabulous in them!
    I have been fallowing your blog for about a year now..passed on to me by a good friend in Boston I live in Maine and I just adore your wit and your acessable and modern style.
    I am a social worker by day and a personal stylist by weekend and night. My company is called O.style and I love catching up on your style through your blog one of these days my blog will be born too…when it does I'll send it your way and maybe you will have some words of wisdom for me! Cheers! Liv

  25. Aww Kendi, this is so pretty! And I always love that location.

    Funny thing, I got my husband a used calculator watch too! 😉

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