Okay, you asked so I’ll show you. This is how I do my hair.

Materials needed:

  1. Hair 
  2. 1 1/4″ Barrel Curling Iron
  3. Hairspray
  4. Comb and/or brush

    Let’s do this. 

    *PS: This may or may not work on your hair. This process has only been proven on my hair. I have naturally straight, fine hair so I’ve figured out that this works for me. If you have tips on how you do your hair, I’d love to hear them! Send me an email or leave a link below. 

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    104 Responses

    1. Cute! I wish my hair would hold curl. It usually falls in about 5 minutes. I have a curse of stick-straight hair!

      Everything's worth a shot though!

    2. My hair is naturally straight, too. So I normally just hold the curling iron there for a little longer and that's why the hairspray is cheap — so I can use lots of it.

    3. I loved watching this! I think I need a curling iron now – I've been doing a similar thing with my hair straightener every now and again but the curls become too tight and small sometimes.


      PS. I love your robe, haha!

    4. I love this! You are so lucky your hair holds curl well, mine is naturally straight and wants to stay that way! Your hair looks awesome, all three ways πŸ™‚

    5. You are so cute in this. Honestly, I can't even muster the enthusiasm to brush my hair every day, so styling is out of the question.

      Also, great song. I never heard it before, and I had to go download it right after this video ended.

    6. Great video!!! You're so fun to read and watch πŸ™‚

      My hair is curly so I would have to first straighten then do your technique….curly hair is such a blessing AND a curse!

    7. Thanks for the tutorial – your hair always looks fantastic in your pictures. Just a question about the hairspray aspect, though. Does it bother you that your hair is then sticky/stiff for the rest of the day? I've always had a fear of gross hair, so I try to stay away from products, but that's the only way for me to get my super-straight hair to hold any type of curl or wave.

    8. Catherine — I use "flexible" hold so it's not hardcore hairspray. So by the time it's lunch time all of my hairspray has pretty much worn off, but my curls are set. But I know what you mean by the gunk — beauty is a pain. Or however that saying goes…

    9. I have slightly wavy, but otherwise straight hair. I get the same look by putting it in hot rollers for about 5 minutes and doing my morning skincare routine while it's setting. Hairspray, finger comb, and loose low ponytail, or clip it mid-way in the back.

    10. Ahh this made me smile! You are too cute. And I love this song, so that may have contributed to the smile…

      I'm going to try these on my hair, I hope they work!

    11. You are seriously too cute! I don't trust myself with anything hot unless it's a mug of coffee but I manage the same effect by twisting my hair and clipping it or putting a hairstick in it while it's "mostly" dry.

    12. This was such a cute video! You should do more video tutorials. And I echo everyone who said that you were stinkin' adorable. Also, I love your robe–is it a bicycle print?

    13. My hair is SUPER straight and usually curls do not stay in long enough for me to finish the other half of my head πŸ™ I really need to try this. I want my hair to turn out as nice as yours πŸ™‚

      Just Better Together

    14. I have curly hair (wow says the crowd !) no , no, no (says Amy) : it's a curse , they get freezy and crazy all the time. They never, ever look like yours ….Is it crazy to buy a curling iron ? This is the question, my dear …

      Caro xxx

    15. Just tried this (boring sunday afternoon where I am avoiding grading students work) and it's super cute. Thanks!

    16. I'm working on growing my hair out a little longer and this will be a perfect simple hairstyle I want to try! You are too cute! P.s. Dog days are over is one of my favorite songs.

    17. You're too cute! Unfortunately I am missing a little of the length in that all-vital first ingredient you listed. Once it grows I will have to have a go. πŸ™‚

    18. Yay! Looks like you showed iMovie who's boss! Love this, Kendi πŸ™‚ Can't wait until I get past this mid-length funk to try these do's myself.

    19. What a very VERY well produced hair tutorial vid! Impressed! I have a feeling you can't go back now.. every one of your readers is going to be demanding your videos from now on! This was *great*!! (I've been subscribed and reading for quite some time now as a lurker…)

    20. Good video and song choice! Although I am an import to Texas, I've still been a little leery of doing anything to make my hair bigger on purpose. Now that I've seen how you make your hair look so cute, I may have to try it out! Thanks!

    21. I have been trying something similar to this on my super straight hair lately and this video has given me hope that I can actually get it to turn out this well the next time I try it out. Thanks! πŸ™‚

    22. This might be just the thing to curb my temptation to cut my hair. Even though my hair doesn't hold curls. Please make more videos, this one is super sweet.

    23. Thanks for making this Kendi. I always wondered how you did your hair! Your hair is so nice, pretty, and simple to work with!

      Thanks for sharing.

    24. This is so cute! And some nice tips, I have been wondering if that wavy hair was natural.
      Really nice vid, I'd love to see you do more!

    25. Great tutorial, although I admit that once I realized it was tracked with the song, I was disappointed! I was hoping you'd talk through it and we'd get to hear a thick Texas drawl! lol

    26. i spent about two years doing this to my hair every day and then just decided to chop chop chop it all off because i was sick of curling irons! do you think you would ever cut your hair off? have you always worn your hair the same way?

    27. Such a cute video and that song is one of my new favorites! You did a great job.

      Oh and I have very fine sort of wavy hair, this might actually work for me…

    28. Lexie — I used to have short, short hair. (Not as short, nor as cute as yours) And since then I swore I would wear it long. I am not a short hair girl, although I spent many years trying to convince my large head that I was.

      I love a cute pixie though. Pixie's are my weakness.

    29. Cute video!
      I'm such a lazy gal with hair that hates to cooperate- I have a mop of slightly wavy hair that is either thick or i just seem to have a lot of it! (my hair is responsible for making my head bigger than i actually is hehe). i could straighten my hair but it takes 20 minutes in the morning. i'm a lazy last minute, running out the door and bound to forget something kinda girl…so after i cut my hair off between my chin and shoulders i use a diffuser to dry my hair and make it into wavy curls, scrunching with the hairspray i've known to be the strongest known to man: aussie's instant freeze. blow dry included, i'm done styling in 5 min! i have hair envy of lovely straight locks like yours that behave πŸ™‚


    30. eeps! thankyou so much. i want to try this with my hair, even though it's half the length and twice as thick, but thankyou thankyou! xx

    31. The higher the hair, the closer you are to God – especially when you live in Texas or Tennessee. I'm still laughing! Cute video – wish my hair would do that, but…

    32. for some reason this video made me laugh and smile, haha, i'm not sure why (i think it was your comments at the bottom and gestures). thanks for sharing. i used to have very short hair too, then short on one side and long on the other, and now i am growing it out. it is not as long as yours, but i am finding the curling iron quite handy for styling.

    33. Love the loose waves. My fave was #2. I have super long hair (down to my butt!) but I think I could do this because my hair takes curls really well and it's thin enough to be able to curl with a curling iron.

      Have you ever tried to spiral it? It also gives great waves. A little more tighter waves though. You would need a smaller curling iron though. Probably about a 1 inch one. Just wrap the hair around the barrel instead of in it. Does that make sense?

      My favorite hair spray ever is Freeze It. It's amazing! Great hold and is not affected by humidty! PLUS it doesn't leave white stuff. It's a God sent. I also use mousse in my hair to give it more volume when curling. My favorite there is the cheapie Herbal Essence in the purple bottle.

      Thanks for the hair tips!

    34. I was watching this and my 5 year old boy was next to me and he said "I like that girl, but not that song!" and when the video was over he said "Let's watch it again!" We're big fans in this house:)!!

    35. Cute video! One of my favorite songs. I do my hair in a similar way only it's so thick I need to take it in layers for the curling process you did in hairdo #1. I keep it separated with some jaw clips.

      I like hairdo #2 the best. Big hair is the best.


    36. yay! thank you for this! i have yet to buy a curling iron, just recently bought a blow dryer.

      your tutorial looks deceptively easy, he he. i'm sure it will take me looong time to be a pro at it. but i 've been contemplating on getting a perm on big curls at the ends, so i think i should try this out first.

      you looked really cute in the vid! =D

    37. My hair is uber thick so I don't know if this would work for me, I think my hair would just eat my curling iron. But I love seeing how people do their hair and such because I can try it! I'll let you know πŸ™‚

      Sparrow & Urchin

    38. You are so cute!! I wish I had your hair – you make those looks SO easy! Love #2 – having your hair closer to god is the way to go. LOL.

    39. Wonderful Video. I'm a visual person, so I like to actually see what people are doing, not read directions (that would explain why I never did well on my Phonics πŸ˜‰ My hair is naturally wavy/curly/a mess all the time, so I don't think it would work on my hair, but it looks so darn cute on you!

    40. I'd always wondered how you made your hair magic happen. Now I know! πŸ™‚ Thanks for making the tutorial – also, your music selection is most excellent.

    41. Hey Kendi! What brand of curling iron to you use? I just picked up a Revlon one at TJMaxx and it doesn't seem to get hot enough…is there a brand you would recommend? Thanks!

    42. I tried to shop, but everything was already SOLD OUT!! πŸ™ I hope you get to try to get rid of more clothes soon! πŸ™‚ i'll be looking forward to it.


      ps. Lovely hair!

    43. Kendi, you awesome! My hair is sadly nowhere as managable as yours, so this tutorial would be hopeless on me, but I enjoyed watching it nonetheless, your mannerisms and smile are so charming πŸ˜‰ And you even own that amazing Pennyfarthing robe from Anthropologie that I was dreaming of this summer, taking this video to new levels of cuteness.

    44. I never watch tutorials all the way through, but I have to say this one I did. The music and funny comments kept me going! I loved it.

      xo M

    45. Kendi:

      Also I see that your face is flawless, aside from the makeup you showed us as your daily routine, what facial wash/moisturizer/creams do you use? πŸ™‚ You have beautiful skin!


    46. Very cute! Btw I am pretty sure you made a killing in your shop today! YOU GO GIRL! That's awesome!

    47. Great video, thanks for posting it! Would you be so kind as to maybe include an everyday makeup tutorial? Your look is so flawless! Thanks! =)

    48. Seriously? Best. Tutorial. Ever. Not only because of what you were doing, but because of the music and how fun it was … it was great to see a side of your personality which doesn't come out in your pictures! Thanks!!!

    49. Dude! That was the most professional blogger tutorial video I've ever seen! I was expecting and excited to hear your voice but alas, it seems more bloggish to not have you speaking outloud. You'll continue to have the Kendi voice I've given you.

    50. Hi Kendi….I didnt see the new link in that you posted…I watch the video before you added it in….I ran up to Target tonight, lol…and bought a curling iron!!! hahaha…Its a 1" though, hoping it will still work ok…..hopefully I wont be rushing like a freakazoid in the morning for work, and i can give your tutorial a try:)
      Thanks again for posting it:)

    51. can i just say that pictures do not do you justice? you are stunning! and that's not to say that your pictures aren't, but you know what i mean. the music was such a great fit also.

    52. I absoultely love that you posted this, i tried it today and so far it is working great for my hair so thank you! i love your sense of style and humor!

    53. I totally used this how-to and teased my hair yesterday and it was SUCH a good hair day. You are a lifesaver. Oh and your blog is addicting :] I love it!

    54. The last time I used a curling iron was in 10th grade, when I was kicked out of a show for missing the last rehearsal. (I was stuck in a three hour traffic jam out of state!) My director refused to let me participate except to do hair and make-up for the rest of the cast. I picked up the curling iron (for like the second time EVER) and tried curling an 8th grade girl's hair… and burnt her ear. The rest of the show was spent crying in the costume closet.

      This tutorial is so good and AMAZINGLY SIMPLE that it makes me maybe wanna try a curling iron again.

      PS: I'm listening to Florence and the Machine right now. Thanks for the introduction!

    55. Love it! This is how I do mine too and I have naturally straight hair.

      For all those girls out there with straight hair and can't get it to curl, here is a hint: I do this only on clean hair, but DO NOT BRUSH IT when I get out of the shower. I repeat: DO NOT BRUSH!!! I finger comb and then dry it with my head upside down while scrunching. By pulling out pieces to curl it, you basically untangle it anyway.

      Then I do exactly the same thing as you did, Kendi. Even with the Dove hairspray (I am addicted to that stuff). I found that if I brush it while drying, it lasts about an hour. If I don't, the curls are good for two days. πŸ™‚

      Love your posts Kendi πŸ™‚


    56. My Hair is so thick and heavy! It holds curl for about 5 minutes and then falls out. I am stuck in this inferno between obnoxiously thick,wavy and heavy,straight hair. Also, Im so upset all of your clothes sold out so fast! You had some seriously cute stuff!

    57. My Hair is so thick and heavy! It holds curl for about 5 minutes and then falls out. I am stuck in this inferno between obnoxiously thick,wavy and heavy,straight hair. Also, Im so upset all of your clothes sold out so fast! You had some seriously cute stuff!

    58. That is just the way I love my hair! I will definitely have to take this tutorial in consideration when I want to style my hair this way, I just need a good spray that doesn't smell cause they give me headaches πŸ™‚

    59. You inspired me to go out and buy a curling iron! I need to practice a little bit because I am terrible with hair…one side seems to hold a curl and the other side doesn't want to πŸ™‚

    60. My hair has been looking fab since I've started doing it this way. Nice alternative to my hot rollers (the usual).

      Thank you!!

    61. I am definitely going to try this, but I have another question unrelated to your hair. Where did you get your shower curtain?! I have been looking for one just like it.

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