Hands down this might be one of my favorite dresses I own. Also, that is my favorite quilt I own as well. And this is my favorite post. Ever.
How was everyone’s weekend? My husband and I shot a wedding with some friends in Houston. (And by my “husband and I” — I really mean just my husband. However, I did guard the camera equipment with my life, so I feel as if that totally counts to be a part of the team. Just like when I was the volleyball team manager in high school, technically that still meant I was on the team, right?) It was so hot outside — I literally don’t think I’ve been that hot in my life. Well maybe once when I was in one of those hot rock sauna’s but I have to say that was my fault. But the heat from the sun? I’m totally blameless. But we went, we snapped, we conquered. It was a great day.
It’s pretty strange to go to someone else’s wedding whom you’ve never met. I totally felt like a wedding crasher, except I wasn’t there to get a girlfriend and I’m not Owen Wilson. Oh and we were paid to be there. So I guess it’s not like wedding crashing at all. It’s actually like wedding photography. Exactly like wedding photography.

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  1. Photographing weddings is such a blast! I love doing it. But this dress is so cute. The color is just perfect. This looks like a little mini photo shoot! You guys really put a lot into these style photos and I think it's great!

  2. hey Kendi! Long-time reader and first (maybe second) time commenter here. Love the blog; and wouldn't you know that I was in LOFT yesterday and saw this dress on the clearance rack for $15!! IN MY SIZE! I don't know what my problem is but I did not buy it. However, now that I see this post, I am thinking I made a grave mistake. eek!

    Oh, and you can check me out here: http://www.thedailyjulie.com

  3. I love the dress and the quilt. I am obsessed with this shade of yellow; I'm pretty sure I would live inside this color if I could.

  4. I can't imagine getting married in the heat of the summer in Houston. Brave souls for tying the knot and snapping the photos!

    I loved this dress so much on you that I bought it (in the print) to use in my remix!

  5. The best parts of a wedding (in my humble opinion) are the food and the cake. Hope you were able to get both! Especially the cake. That's important.

  6. I have been loving seeing your use of those red shoes! Just as I caught myself drooling on the keyboard last week, I remember that I have a pair of red suede shoes in the back of my closet! Now you've got my head spinning with outfit ideas. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. kendi, i love your outfit! the dress goes so well with your shoes. i have a red pair of shoes i may need to pair with a similar dress that i own as well! and haha about you tagging along to the wedding with your husband. i tag along with my boyfriend when he plays in weddings and i just kinda enjoy and take in ideas for my own one day. lol!! glad you had fun. 🙂

  8. This might be my favorite post ever, too. That last photo of you is absolutely gorgeous. Glad you had such a nice weekend!

  9. did you match you blanket and dress on purpose. i sure hope so. it's like accessorizing to the max. it's darling!

  10. I absolutely love this shoot! I'm already head over heels in love with mustard and now you've gone and taken it up to a whole other level.

    They're all great but I particularly love the one shot from over your shoulder of you looking at the map. Just gorgeous.

  11. these pictures are gorgeous and I must have that dress. Still available??


    p.s. I already copied that leopard print LOFT skirt…head over to my blog, I give you credit 😉

  12. Wedding photography would be so fun! I also LOVE this photo shoot…the atlas was the perfect prop!! You have also proven that buying shoes in a bright colour is nothing to be scared of because they will go with far more than you think! I sense some shoe shopping inspiration when my shopping ban is up 😉

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