16-20roundup20 outfits in 25 days, 10 more outfits to go. Emotional status so far? I’m really, really ready to shop. My husband on the other hand is not so ready. (Yes, I consider “shopping” an emotion. A euphoric, happy, everything-is-right-in-the-world emotion.)

Remix Round-up Must Reads:

“Choose your friends wisely, and your 30 items even wiser-ly… er, something…”. Thanks Jill, for the wisest — wiser — wiserly? words!

What is cuter than a remix outfit filled with bows? Nothing.

Let’s all have a round of applause for everyone who has finished! Sydney shares her thoughts on what she learned throughout the challenge.

Alicia — if this is your “throw on something quick” I’d love to see what you could do with 2 hours. 🙂

I love the pops of color in Shen’s wardrobe! The downside? It makes me want to go shopping.

Hey Emily — thanks for sticking with the remix, even through your double tooth extraction surgery.

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  1. i really applaud your multiple 30 for 30 efforts, especially with the shopping ban. you kind of describe it as a way to appreciate and make the most of what you have. but what you may not realize is that its so much more than that. its a fight against mindless consumerism. our society is so wasteful, and its not just by accident. we're actually conditioned (and in some cases coerced) by advertisers and manufacturers into wastefulness. the fashion industry will have you believe that you must have the latest and greatest. thin heels one year, chunky the next. and why hang on to something until it becomes popular again, right? or just keep wearing it regardless?

    i guess my point is that i hope you recognize your privilege (and this goes for all the remixers and everyone else with an abundant wardrobe). most of the world doesn't even have 30 items to remix. they're lucky to even have a pair of shoes, and here we are having to narrow down our wardrobes to 30 items for this one month challenge. i'm kind of shocked, though not particularly surprised to hear you express a desire to shop. i wish that instead the challenge inspired you (all) to examine your wardrobes for items you don't often wear and donate them to people less fortunate. if you're feeling particularly generous you could even consider putting the money you saved by not shopping for yourself towards responsible charities like women's shelters, etc. most of all, i hope that the challenge inspires responsible consumption in the future. every time you're about to make a purchase first consider: how many times will i wear this? how many ways can i wear this? is the quality high enough that it will last a long time?

    people don't tend to realize that most of the items in their closets weren't actually paid for by the money they originally forked over. does that $29.95 really cover the costs of materials? pay a fair wage to the manufacturers who probably live in east asia and are treated poorly by their western bosses? cover the cost of shipping and the money it takes to run the store you bought it from? does it pay the employee who sold it to you? it should cover all those things, but it doesn't.

    next time you (and i and everyone) buy, consider the person who slaved in the factory all day and hardly made enough to feed her children. consider the farmer whose health is damaged by the pesticides sprayed over his cotton crop. think about the fish whose environments have become toxic. the people who eat the toxic fish. the toxic fish that gets shipped to the US and winds up on your plate.

    our world is so interconnected now that there isn't a single thing one person can do that doesn't somehow affect someone else. we all have a huge responsibility to ourselves and others. sorry to be such a downer, but this is the truth of the world in which we live. and only we have the power to change it.

    again, you can expect a post on my own blog on this subject within the next week. http://betterconsciousness.blogspot.com

  2. I just have to say Kendi, this is a genius idea. I did not participate b/c don't think I have it in me, but you and the others have done an awesome job being so creative with 30 items. Love the concept and if you plan to do it a 3rd time, I really think I'll need to join along for the ride!!


  3. Hi Julia,

    Thanks for leaving your thoughts. Unfortunately, we do live in a society where the cost of something does not cover the actual cost of the item. This goes for everything — the couch I'm sitting on, the computer I'm typing on and the yes the clothes that I am wearing. The 30 for 30 challenge was not created to represent that void in our society that is very prevalent in today's world. This challenge was to simply embark on something that I knew that I could readily change in my own closet with what I had.

    I don't think that it should be surprising to anyone who reads my blog that I like to shop, after all I take pictures of my outfits many times a week. I did not start my blog to address my shopping habits (the excess or lack thereof) but moreover to express my style in a town where it is not much appreciated.

    I have not and will not take a political stance on different world views, needs, policies, etc. on this blog although I agree that they are very important issues that we must keep in mind always. I am very aware of the lack of clothing, food, water, and complete necessities in the world today. I handle that in my own way, on my own time outside of my blog.

    I respect your views and I hope that you will respect mine in return.

    Thanks again for reminding us to think outside of ourselves.


  4. Thanks for the shout out Kendi! Love all your outfits this past week as usual : )

    I'm so happy I've participated in your 30 for 30, it's been fun and has gotten me excited about the clothes I own again instead of lusting after my next new purchase. I'll definitely be more mindful about my shopping once the challenge is over.

  5. Kendi – I love your blog! And I love seeing what you and everyone else does with the challenge. I may just join in next time. However, I'm wondering… if in 25 days, you've worn 20 outfits, what have you worn the other 5 days? Maybe I missed something…

  6. oh how time flies! 10 more to go!

    i'm not even half way there. but that's ok, i'm, enjoying every second of it! =D

    and cheers to all ladies who reached the finish line (or almost there) already! woohoo!

  7. Everybody's remixing has finally given me the push to join, albeit a little late.

    I am loving your looks so far!

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