6.15.10cWhen I first started my blog, my friend Amy said to me “handbags! more handbags!” Since then I’ve tried to incorporate a few of my clutches but never my “handbag” as she so eloquently squealed to me. Mostly because my purses are nothing to swoon at. Sometimes I just carry an old plastic bag from Target or a stick with a handkerchief tied to it. Or sometimes just a pair of boxers that I sewed up the legs and attached a belt to so I can wear it as a satchel.

So handbags haven’t always been my weakness… that is until this guy came along. Possibly the best purse I’ve ever carried (with the exception of the Gap red plaid backpack purse I carried from 1997-1998.) Now you have to understand I’m not a designer purse girl — not because I don’t like designers but because I don’t save my money enough to buy designer purses. So I usually just pick up a bag at Old Navy or Nordstrom Rack on the cheap and go with function over fashion.
When I saw this purse it was love at first sight. But it was about $50 more than I spend on purses. So I walked away from it. Then I walked back to it, then away, then back, then away. I did this for about 40 minutes until my husband tased me and let me buy it. (save yourself the pacing — you can find the bag here.)
On a lighter note, this is one of those shirts that is solely made for 16 year old girls who haven’t quite developed intestines yet. I’ve never sucked in my tummy for so long.

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  1. Love this look—so chic! I've never been a big bag person, either, but a great piece like that just reels you in! And I would argue that roughly every F21 piece is made for that specific body type…you're rockin' it, though. That's some beautiful lace.

  2. Hahaha! I remember! I was like, "What about the handbags?" I just didn't want them to be left out, you know?
    Oh, and I totally think clutches count as handbags. And I've noticed. The blue bow clutch? Perfection!

  3. You make me laugh so hard! "…shirt made for girls with no intenstines…" Love it! And CUTE bag – I love cute bags! Have way too many!

  4. Phew! So glad to read other girls have to suck in their tummies too 🙂
    Great outfit, great bag, great post. As always xxx

  5. DAMMIT that is a nice bag. I almost just spent $78 bucks and I just started my shopping ban!

    Good luck finding your intestines.

  6. I've seen this bag the past couple of times I've been into Anthro, loved it, yet have sadly not been able to purchase it. I think it's time to start saving. 🙂 Andddd I love your blog.

  7. Oh my gosh you look amazing! I absolutely love that outfit on you!! I myself am a huge purse person… Yet I've only shown one on my blog. I tend to not switch mine up very often though, I don't understand how someone could change there purse everyday.. It's like a whole ordeal for me haha.

  8. i seriously cracked up at the "intestines" line…hilarious!
    cute cute bag and great pics as usually


  9. A somewhat long-time lurker and it is about time I posted a comment… but that bag caught my eye on the website a few weeks ago and it looks even better in your photos – think I may have to ignore the hideous amount of $$ that it will cost to ship it to NZ now that Anthro acknowledges we exist!

    Anyhoo keep up the awesome work with the blog, can't think of a day I haven't been entertained 😀 Oh, except for all those long and lonely days before I discovered its existence!

  10. WOW I am so distracted by your fun bag I almost missed your outfit! And its so fun to see you in pants! Love it!

  11. I think the shirt is really quite lovely. I want more lace in my wardrobe. It's so funny about the bag. You sound so much like me in that way. I'm really not a bag girl, and I don't really even bother with them in my outfit shots. Its also funny about how you paced back and forth deciding whether or not to buy the bag, that is so something I would do.

    🙂 Chloe

  12. You got a great bag!! Bags are fickle thing. I'll never understand why people pay $300+ for a bag. I think the most I've spent was $60. Your outfit is pretty awesome too. I love the beige lace top with the khakis. So chic:)

  13. This outfit is SO cute. I love the nude tones. And I LOVE that bag. I'm not a huge bag girl either but I really love this one.


  14. I love everything about this look, especially the fact that those shoes are from Old Navy (I so want them).
    Despite the fact that you had to reduce your lung capacity for this shirt, it looks great on you. I did that for a outfit pic yesterday and figured it wasn't worth posting. I guess I wasn't sucking in hard enough, lol.
    I am a self-professed handbag whore, so I love a nice bag. This bag is freakin adorable!!! I'm glad you decided to pace back in the direction of the bag and buy it.

  15. I clicked on the link where you found the bag, and I realized that I have the same bag in the red version! However, it isn't the satchel kind. It's like the full blown humongous bag (but it still has the white fabric with the red and white bow and leather straps and all). How cool! Anyways, I am in love with your version of the bag. The fabric design is awesome.

  16. Hi there – Congrats on being the IFB blogger spotlight choice (that's how I found your blog just a few minutes ago!) I'm so glad that I've found your blog, i'm really enjoying looking back through all your posts. You have such great personal style that shines through in each outfit – it's great! I especially love the way you label your photographs – it's so effective!
    If you get a chance could you take a look at our blog.
    We'd love your feedback – comment your views and follow if you like what you see.
    Looking forward to reading lots more from you.

  17. Hah I tried on a dress the other day that belongs with your shirt-on those lacking intestines. I mean, breathing was not an option. You look fabulous regardless.


  18. You look amazingly chic today. I love all the neutrals and that you let the new bag be the showpiece in this look. I looked at both colors on the Anthro site, and I think you definitely picked the colors I would have 🙂


  19. love this outfit and would love to hear more about how you decide on hair and makeup to go with all of your outfits. happy day to you!

  20. you are very funny, and very cute. but mostly funny. wait, i mean mostly cute. eh, is there really a bad option here? i think not.

    i like the word "satchel" and i think you should throw that in some of your handbag posts every now and then.

  21. I would like to claim you as my new best friend based on your comments about Anthropologie alone. Yes, apparently I am that shallow. 🙂 LOVE your blog. she's a keeper.

  22. Hi sweet, your blog is wonderful! Such cute outfits and a fun writing style. Congrats on the 'IFB Blogger Spotlight.' I'll be reading ya daily from South African:)

  23. I am pretty much 100% certain that plaid backpack purses are going to come back with a vengeance and within 1 year everyone will have one. Your pants are pretty sweet too.

  24. HI Kendi! I came over from Megan's webpage. I love your bag. I also love your shoes. I've been looking for shoes like those for such a long time! Do you know where I can snag myself a pair? I don't want anything more more than 3 inches and maybe not a super thin heel since I'd like to wear it to school/weekends.

    I'm a new follower! 🙂

  25. Long time lurker of you blog (LOVE it BTW)!!!

    I'm a major bag lover, and this one is gasp worthy! I'm struggle to resist the urge to buy it. lol

  26. not much of a handbag person, either. i like them, even some of the expensive ones, but never bring myself to spend more than $50. the last one i bought was found at a thrift store at a hefty price of 1.95.

    love the outfit…neutrals and lace. bravo!

  27. Hi Kendi!

    I have visited your blog for awhile now and finally wanted to say hello! You are just so cute and I love your outfits. I am not a purse person myself…if I carry one I might as well leave the crumpled up tissue paper in it to fill it out because it's usually pretty empty! I just carry a wristlet with my keys and cards/phone in it.

    Your pictures are awesome…tell your husband I think he's a great photographer…though you guys already know that!

    Have a great day!

  28. What a great purse! I just added it to my "wish list". I have too many bags according to my husband. Boys… they just don't get it! =)

    I just recently found your blog and i have enjoyed following along.

  29. I'm just wondering where you get all the money for your wardrobe? I was in anthropologie today and noticed you got your purse for FULL PRICE!!! And i've noticed some of your other clothes haven't quite gone on sale yet… Does your job have a killer salary?

  30. Hi Danielle,

    Thanks for the comment. I did get my bag at full price (like I said in my post I normally don't spend over $25 for a purse, so this was a treat!)

    A lot of times, sales are regionally based, not nationally so what may be on sale at my store may not be at yours. There are two different Anthro's that I hit up and a lot of the time their sale racks are very different.

    As far as my salary goes, I don't feel comfortable sharing that. My salary is average for my position, experience and age. I have a budget for my wardrobe that is fair to our family's needs.

    Thanks again for reading!


  31. My Amex and I fought over this bag in the red color the last time I was at Anthropologie. I left it behind but seeing it again on you is making me reconsider…

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