Good news — I not only woke up on the right side of the bed today but I also had time to make breakfast. Even before 8:30, I knew it was going to be a better day. Thanks for not abandoning me and my bad mood. He usually doesn’t stick around for longer than a day.

So after reading my post on Monday about slipping on denim leggings under my dress, my sister texted me today and asked my what denim leggings were. I found it a bit challenging to find the right words to describe them, so I went with the birds and the bees approach: Let’s say that knit leggings and denim jeans were up in the club and decided to hook-up after quickly eloping (trying to keep it family friendly here). Well then the pair of jeans got pregnant and decided to keep the baby, although the leggings wasn’t ready to start a family. Nine months later denim leggings were born and are now available at most retailers, including J.Crew. Which I drooled over in their newest catalog. While I was eating Nutella mind you. By the spoonful. It was very sticky drool. Had to throw the catalog away. Along with a few books that were on the table as well. Well there you go. I’ve gone and done it again. I’ve completely over-shared.
Now that you know about my steady diet of Nutella and J.Crew catalogs, on to the outfit. As you know, I usually pull out the old adult-sized tu-tu to make me feel better and the way that yesterday was going it felt like the tu-tu was necessary in order to save this week from going to pot. Tonight was date night after all, so why not live a little? I’m only young once, I’ll dress boring when I’m dead. And now I’m back on the couch catching up on American Idol and Lost. AND I blogged before 10 pm. Now that’s a good day.

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  1. love the outfit, especially the skirt. you make everything look good on you. how i envy you! (going green around the gills and all)

  2. Nutella is a gift from the gods! It goes with practically everything and makes a delicious cookie too! And it definitely lifts one's mood up as well! 🙂

    The tutu is so cute! Of the ones I've tried on I didn't really like it (and have nothing to pair it with) so I've decided to ditch that trend but it looks nice on you! The top is really cute too!

  3. oh my goodness, how I love Nutella. So much in fact, that I gained a few pounds and decided to give Nutella a break for a while (sadness, I know).

    You look really cute by the way, especially with your polka dot shirt.

  4. Ahh I love this outfit!!! So good! I think I need some tutus in my life, I am feeling the sudden need to twirl around in one. Also I have the bad habit of eating nutella by spoonfuls as well.

  5. i don't even remember the last time i actually put nutella on toast or bananas or anything .. always only by the spoonful!

    i love the tutu! so much fun.

  6. Love this! it's so cute and classic. I also loved your description of how denim leggings are made. I always thought a stork brought them in a blanket, I'm so glad I know the truth now 🙂

  7. Your whole outfit is great but I LOVE those shoes and props to your husband for the creative half-kendi shot. It looks great.

  8. 😀 I like reading your blog, you are so funny and I love your top! Spots, yay. Nutella has to be eaten by the spoonful OR if it needs to be spread, the thickness should be that of a spoon.

    Wow, I really want some Nutella now…HMMM

  9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit! It's very professional yet fun and flirty. You look so amazing! Great hair day, too.

  10. Ah, jeggings. What a marvelous/bizarre invention, no?

    The dots and tulle look fantabulous together.

  11. I'm trying to envision myself in a tu tu and its making me choke on my morning coffee!
    Way to pull it off with 5 stars!

  12. Kendi, I love reading your blog! You have great style and amazing pictures, but your sense of humor is what keeps me coming back! I can't help but love a beautiful funny girl!

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