Today I was in a rotten mood. Technically, I could blame this on the 28 day monster, but I think that I will blame it on that dang clear sky and sunshine. Hey — 80 degree weather, quit trying to ruin my bad day. It’s not going to happen. I’ve got sunglasses and cramps to cover you up.

Bad mood Tuesday almost threatened my outfit and photoshoot today. I was faking it as much as I could through the photoshoot till I finally said I was done. I figured if looked half as bad as I felt in the pictures then we should just stop all together. But thank the good Lord for my husband. Not only did he make me laugh all the way through but he only snapped when I was smiling and not during the sour face/complaining moments.

If you didn’t notice, I didn’t label my photos as usual. It was kind of pointless since everything I wore today was from Old Navy. Yes, even the shoes. I got my jacket last spring and my shoes last fall. But the belt and dress were recent purchases and come highly recommended.

Okay, you know what? I might be a paranoid schizophrenic. Yesterday I was so afraid of my dress being too short for work that I left at noon to put on pants. Today I wore an even shorter dress. Again, I’m blaming it on PMS and a messy cocktail of alcohol from swallowed mouth wash and extra-strength tylenol. I shouldn’t have even drove today. Who knows what tomorrow may hold.

Someone left a comment saying they were confused about my job — is it conservative or can i wear what I want? Well, I can see where your confusion might come from, dear reader as I too am confused. You see, there is little to no known dress code BUT I work with a lot of older people (and by older, I just mean older than me) so I try to keep the lengths of my skirts and dresses appropriate just in case someone has HR on speed dial and has a secret personal vendetta against me or exposed knees. This is actually the first job I’ve had that I haven’t gotten “the talk” from HR about the way I dress. So I’m a bit paranoid when it comes to skirts and dresses. I try not to push my limits, even though it’s a bit of unknown territory. So let me put it this way: Everyone in my office dresses very conservatively (I’m normally the only person with pant-less legs. Gasp!) but I’ve never been told that I’ve offended anyone with the way I dress. Although, from time to time I get a few raised eyebrows. I just try not to toe that line, but if I do, I at least wear cute shoes.

You’ve just had a brief but schizophrenic look into the way I think. Scary isn’t it?

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  1. I love reading your writings..you are so funny! I know what you mean about paranoia, I always race home and change when I feel like my dress/skirt is too short..which is often! I love this outfit of yours – the stripes with the pop of red is something im digging at the moment. You're precious.

  2. this is a great outfit. You've got such a fantastic personal style and sense of humour!


  3. You definitely don't look like you were having a rotten day (thanks Kendi's husband)! I hope it got better! I'm so inspired by your outfits everyday. My friend Emery is hosting Spring Fashion Week and you should join! The winner gets $100 towards Modcloth and you enter by leaving a link to your blog each day for a week on Emery's site.

    Here's her site:http://emeryjo.blogspot.com/

  4. Ok, this is about the bajillionith time you've won your hair in a cute, sorta-messy atop-your-head bun so is there any possible way you can you show us less than able people the secret behind it?

  5. no, i totally freak out and overreact to similarly small and probably unimportant things like that. but maybe i'm a bit paranoid too. and i'm def thinking about acquiring that dress. i so love stripes.

  6. I totally get nervous when someone makes a comment about my outfit at work. But I've spread it around that I'm "into fashion," so they all kind of expect it from me now. Brainwashing for the win!

    You look adorable, by the way.

  7. I'd love a little red jacket like that – it'd be so useful for Spring! I understand the dresscode issues. Where I used to work there were unspoken rules about footwear, which basically suggested you couldn't wear any type of open shoe. I pushed a boundaries a little in the Summer but always worried I'd have HR come and find me!

  8. Gosh, how do you get your top knot to look so messy chic? I love it! And I love your outfit and writing as always of course:)


  9. I love this outfit. I wish that I had that jacket both in red and yellow. Wouldn't that be perfect? I'm intrigued by your recommendation on the shoes- I usually find their shoes to be very uncomfy.

  10. I feel you on not wanting to be called out with outfit decisions with HR. It stinks. I wonder about my outfits all the time because I work in a bank, but it hasn't been too big a deal. I'm behind a teller line most of the time.

    Sorry to hear about your bad mood day. Those days are sucky and annoying. Listen to some good for you music on your way to work. It cures my blues.

  11. Ugh. I was feeling pretty similar to you today. I am feeling much better this morning; I hope you are too.

    I totally understand your desire to not wear anything short to work. Sometimes I am surprised with what people get away with at work. I use to be a teacher, and our work wardrobe constraints were pretty conservative. You do a great job with the constraints, by the way!

  12. Loved your red jacket with the stripes. I teach so I tend to dress more conservatively for work – but some of the more outrageous tights I wore in the winter did get a few comments.

  13. You look great! I know exactly what you mean. We have casual business as dress code, pretty much means everything goes except for Jeans on Friday only. I wish I lived that close to work so I can come home to change if I need to. I normally head to the closest H&M or Marshall for rescue.

  14. I have this dress and love it (so much i bought it in black too). My job is similar when it comes to dress code… there really isn't one. On the other hand, My job is in social work so most of my co-workers are in awful sweat pants or jeans and look sloppy. I sometimes have to ask myself if I'm too dressed up? then ask myself if I care if I'm too dressed up (usually the answer is nope!) : ) Anywho… great way to style this dress!

  15. i'm all for conservative dress in the work place, but you have never worn anything that comes off as risque or sexy or over-exposing! we gotta make the oldies in your office lighten up!

  16. This is an awesome outfit. I just found your blog and I love how all your outfits are made up of such thrifty finds. You look great and not at all risque in my opinion! πŸ™‚



  17. ohh i love these stripes! and yeah, not knowing the line at work is tricky. i have a different job, obviously, but the paranoia follows me there, too. and once you're paranoid about your hemline, EVERYONE seems to be looking at it…

  18. You are so funny – what a great sense of humor πŸ™‚ I can relate as I held a job where I was the youngest employee – my boss was about 10 years older than me, but all the other employees were at least 30-40 years older….it was terribly stressful trying to figure out what to wear, because even some "appropriate" outfits looked risque next to them. Love your outfit, the jacket it so pretty πŸ™‚

  19. Cute Cute!~

    I am also at the first job ever where I have not gotten a talking to about my clothes. I waited…and waited…and pushed the limits…and pushed…but nothing ever happened!~

  20. I always break the dress code at work. We're supposed to wear all black, and I always mix in some polka dots or a bright scarf or a colorful print on my dress. I actually get surprised comments when I come in wearing all black. One day, my manager said something to me, that people in HR were complaining, and I just said I dressed nicer and cuter than the majority of the people there and, no, I wasn't going to stop. They haven't fired me yet! Dress codes are definitely overrated. If you look business professional, than there shouldn't be a problem.

  21. Kendi, I love reading your blog and love your style! You are hilarious. Your look from yesterday (the one with the shoes from Target) inspired me to go get my own yesterday at lunch!

  22. Ah, the β€œis someone gonna call me out for my short dress” paranoia. I've been so worried about it that I've been buying dresses to my knees. But this is inspiration to push boundaries. Wonder how long it’ll take for me to get a stern talking to lol

  23. don't worry, tomorrow is a new day and I'm sure you'll be back to your happy self. I think your all old navy outfit is quite cute. glad you still posted. hurray for your husband getting some great pics! πŸ™‚

  24. My first time at your blog and I am really enjoying it! I love that there's actual content on the blog (you are quite hilarious) as well as really cute outfits!

  25. You look so cute! If you get really worried about how short your dress is, wear some awesome spandax underneath! That's what I do if I think it is on the shorter side. I would suggest the awesome splatter paint spandax from American Apparel. Just a thought πŸ™‚


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