Underwear Essentials You Should Own For Summer

One of the most requested topics from you guys to discuss on here is about underwear. What bras to wear when, how many should you have, and what about underwear, shape wear? Since summer is coming up, I thought I’d talk about the most important pieces you can own for summertime. Since summer tends to be the time when we wear lesser clothes, I find that my underwear game gets stronger. With tank tops, camisoles, off the shoulder tops, dresses and skirts, I tend to wear a wider range of underwear during the spring and summer months. You don’t want to see the lines, the bra straps, or unmentionables. Because the best part of your outfit should be unseen. So let’s get to the essentials!

(I just wanted to make a quick note that this post is in collaboration with Soma Intimates, but as always all thoughts, opinions, creative assets are my own.)

No. 1: Strapless Bra

{Vanishing Strapless Bra, shown with detachable straps}

Before you can even get dressed, you’ve got to start with your underwear, right? (And if you didn’t answer yes to that sentence, then take that more as a firm statement than a loose suggestion.) In the summer I pretty much trade off between with two different types of bras — a comfy one and a strapless one. One is out of necessity and the other is out of, well, comfort. If you don’t own a strapless bra, you should invest in one. If you wear a lot of tanks, camisoles or even off the shoulder tops, this bra is for you. I like a strapless bra option for tanks because it creates a seamless look, no bra straps sneaking out of the tank top or camisoles boundaries. I can’t stress this to you enough, as I constantly get asked questions as to what bra to wear with what, specially dresses. If you can see bra straps in a top or dress, the answer is a strapless bra. And the best part of a strapless bra is that they typically last season over season. Since I typically just wear a strapless in late spring and throughout summer, the wear and tear like an everyday normal bra doesn’t occur.

Essential #1: Strapless bra

What to wear with it? Tank tops, camisoles, sleeveless dresses, off the shoulder blouses.

Strapless Bra Options

I am wearing the Vanishing Strapless Bra from Soma Intimates. It’s comfortable AND it stays up all day long. I did find that the band ran a bit small. I’m in my typical size 36D, but for maximum comfort I should probably go up on the band size. The cup size is TTS. (Some reviewers said the same, some did not. So go with your own discretion, or you can visit a store and they can measure you!)

You can find this bra here!

No 2.: Wireless T-Shirt Bra

The other type of bra I’m drawn to in the summer is a super versatile, really comfortable bra that is my everyday go-to. Since I have a pretty full bust, going wireless isn’t always an option for me and I’m always so jealous when women can get away with bralettes or wireless bras. I was able to give the Enbliss Wirless Bra from Soma a try for a few weeks before this post and I am a believer. If you have a fuller bust, then you know what I’m talking about when it comes to wireless bras. There is typically no support and the bra ends up kind of folding into itself from the lack of a wired support. I was pleasantly surprised that this bra did just the opposite of my exceptions — it held up all day long. To be able to wear a wireless bra in the summer is the goal and this bra gets the job done, very well.

This is a wonderful t-shirt bra and it’s seamless, nothing shows! *praise hand emojis*

Essential #2: Enbliss Wireless Bra

What to wear with it? t-shirts, knit dresses, cotton or silk blouses, or ANYTHING!

Comfortable T-Shirt Bra Options

No. 3: Seamless Underwear

{Vanishing Tummy Scalloped Retro Briefs + Vanishing Strapless Bra}

I don’t know if you’re like me but I buy underwear once in a blue moon and then wear them into the oblivion. I always regret this because as much as I’d like to pretend that underwear doesn’t really matter, it does. I know this very well when I put on a pair of white jeans and realize I don’t have a great pair of nude, seamless underwear. (Well until now!) Not only do white jeans call for a great, seamless pair of underwear but so many dresses and skirts call for it as well. Ever since having Gemma, I’ve loved having a pair of high waist underwear in my lingerie drawer. I find that a high waist helps me feel that my tummy area is a bit more controlled and smooth. What more could a mama ask for?

I tried this pair from Soma Intimates, the Vanishing Tummy Scallop Retro Brief and immediately loved them! They have silicone at the leg so it doesn’t shift and roll and the waist is double layered for seamless feel. I have the peach blossom and that color looks like it sold out but there are two other colors in this pair!

You can find this pair of briefs here!

I bought the mediums and found them to be true to size. I’m VERY long waisted so these actually came right under my belly button, but this is pretty normal for me.

Essential #3: High-Waist Seamless Briefs

What to wear with it? Everything! But your white jeans and body-con dresses will thank you.

Seamless Underwear Essentials

No. 4: Seamless Shorts

Look at that risqué pose up there. 😉 So besides the strapless bra question, this is the number two question I receive for underwear: the smoothing short. So I tend to wear these types of shorts / underwear in the summer because I always want an extra layer of protection with skirts and dresses. I like wearing shorts like this under dresses and skirts for two reasons: it smooths my tummy and thighs and it minimizes any type of rubbing between my thighs. This is especially annoying in the summer! Plus, like I said before, this is another layer of protection when wearing a short dress or skirt.

I really liked this pair I was able to try from Soma Intimates. This is the Smoothing Short in Adobe Rose. I am in the medium and it’s a perfect fit. (If you’ve not shopped with them before, they’ve done a nice job with their sizes and their fit guide!) I felt like the length was long enough for me to feel coverage but short enough for me to wear under this mini-dress. You can find these shorts here or if you want something a bit more fancy, these have a lace edge!

Just as an FYI, these aren’t like a compression short or compression shape-wear. They are more smoothing than compression, so they are really comfortable. The fabric is light, not a thick woven fabric. So it’s not too hot for summer!

Essential #4: Smoothing Short

What to wear with this? Skirts and dresses!

Shapewear + Smoothing Shorts for Summer

So there you have it! My best essentials for your summer (underwear) wardrobe. This weekend, May 17-20th, you can receive 25% off your purchase at Soma Intimates! You can shop the full site here.

*This post is sponsored by Soma Intimates. As always, I only work with brands I truly love. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog!

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Editor's Notes:

I am in the 36D of both the bras. The strapless bra fits tight on me. I wear a medium in both of the underwear bottoms.

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  1. Rach says:

    I swear Soma has the best under garments for women! Everything you shared I 100% agree!


    05.17.19 · Reply
  2. Mariya says:

    I love these bras!


    05.18.19 · Reply
  3. Mireia says:

    Strapless and no lines are a must for me!

    Mireia from TGL

    05.19.19 · Reply
  4. Liz G. says:

    Thanks for the recs! I bought the smoothing shorts and they are amazing!

    05.19.19 · Reply
  5. Briana says:

    Seamless panties are a lifesaver!


    05.19.19 · Reply