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Would you believe that we’ve had a wave of spring-like weather this week? Of course, I say this lightly because I know half of the States are still frozen. Don’t worry we here in Texas will get ours this summer. 😉 It was such a nice preview of what’s to come in a few months so I took advantage of the weather and went without a jacket, which is the best when you have a cute new top.

We launched our Tuesday Ten in the shop yesterday and this tunic was one of the 10! (Yep it’s a tunic! I just have it tucked. It’s notched at the side, so it’s easy to tuck without bulk or leave out.) We are slowly lightening up our color schemes at the shop. Lots of whites and brights and this really pretty lavender color is making appearances.  I know for a fact that this spring will be BRIGHT. I hope you guys are ready for it.

This top fits true to size but is a boxy fit. It’s a loose-fitting tunic, I just have it tucked. It’s cute with white jeans as well! I wanted to show two different ways to wear it since it’s such a neutral top you can really pair it or wear it any way you like. You can find this top here!

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Editor's Notes:

The top fits true to size, but is a loose fit and is tunic length! It’s more of a boxy fit. You can see it full on the site!

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  1. Rin says:

    Phoenix’s weather is all over the place; I can’t keep up! Love this transitional outfit!

    xoxo Rin
    Ramblings with Rin

    02.06.19 · Reply
  2. You are taunting me with those shoes! Haha! I just went to order them and chickened out. I wish they were $199 instead of $299.

    This is such a cute look. I’m in Philly and we have a lot of winter left, but you’re making me excited for spring!

    02.06.19 · Reply
    • Kendi Everyday says:

      I 100% agree with you on the price!! I say wait. 🙂 There will be more at the anniversary sale and surely these will go on sale soon!

      02.07.19 · Reply
  3. Shari says:

    Very cute! Could totally wear something like that in Friday’s at work. I definitely need to up my shoe game too.

    02.06.19 · Reply
  4. 02.06.19 · Reply
  5. Marta says:

    You’re so lucky to have that weather, we’ve been freezing over here on the other side of the Atlantic. That tunic looks really cute and I like it more the way you wore it than if it was down.

    02.06.19 · Reply
  6. Jennifer says:

    Length is important in a tall girls wardrobe. Thanks for the tunic length.
    Any cute tees in tall?

    02.06.19 · Reply
  7. Mireia says:

    What a beautiful top! Love the midi sleeves!

    Mireia from TGL

    02.07.19 · Reply
  8. Rach says:

    Ok, I totally need that gingham top! So cute!

    02.07.19 · Reply