Good Enough for a Monday


Today is an errand-running, task-filled, to-do list conquering kind of a day. A necessary evil kind of a day. A day where you’d rather watch television in your pajamas but if you do you’ll hate yourself for the rest of the week because nothing is done. Not that I’ve ever done that before; I have no idea what regret feels like. So when I got dressed today, I looked at myself in the mirror and nodded “it’s good enough for a Monday.” Then my husband asked me if I was talking to my reflection again. Things get awkward when I forget I live with another person. 

And yes, my hair is a little bit red now. Over the weekend I spiced it up a little. Sometimes you just need a small change. But I’ve been instructed to not wash it until tomorrow morning, so a bun it is for now. But tomorrow — tomorrow will be the big reveal. You’ll be waiting on pins and needles I’m sure. 


Top: Similar

Sweater: Bloom*

Jeans: Gap

Shoes: c/o Blowfish

Bracelet: c/o Bauble Bar

Necklace: Similar

*Will be available online at Bloom in about a week! 

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  1. Carlee says:

    Love this look! That bag is awesome, such a bright color. And I can't wait to see your hair!
    Almost Endearing

    11.19.12 · Reply
  2. The Workette says:

    I would not be able to pull off the jumper over that blouse! But love the look

    11.19.12 · Reply
  3. Donna says:

    Great for a Monday, excited to see the new do!

    11.19.12 · Reply
  4. Definitely good enough for a Monday! Much better than my leggings and cozy sweater — turns out I'm already dressing for Thanksgiving.

    11.19.12 · Reply
  5. Um I'll be waiting on pins and needles… is that weird? I love when people change their hair color, I vicariously live through them since I have super dark brown hair and can't pull off anything but my natural color.

    xoxo Jessica

    11.19.12 · Reply
  6. Kendrrat says:

    Looks better than "good enough" to me, my monday good enough is anything better than no make-up and pjs haha!

    11.19.12 · Reply
  7. kindredly says:

    ahhh…I just love this whole outfit.  The sweater is amazing.  

    11.19.12 · Reply
  8. So cute! You're always adorable 

    11.19.12 · Reply
  9. Joy Jin says:

    Love the pretty green bag! Very cute outfit!

    11.19.12 · Reply
  10. Samantha Peterson says:

    Love the new hair! Just did the same thing! Here's to a productive Monday!

    11.19.12 · Reply
  11. debrakay86 says:

    Thats way better than my Monday outfit.
    I'm still in my pajamas but I'm not gonna hate myself because I've earned it. I think? Except I do need to go to the bank. Damn.

    Love the hair by the way and can't wait to see it!


    11.19.12 · Reply
  12. Natali Karppinen says:

    Great shirt and bag!

    11.19.12 · Reply
  13. Oh I'm loving the hint of red in your hair! You look beautiful, love the sweater and the striped shirt underneath!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

    11.19.12 · Reply
  14. Rachelle says:

    Love that kensie top.

    11.19.12 · Reply
  15. Anne Hill says:

    Love it all! Can't wait until that top is available at Bloom

    11.19.12 · Reply
  16. Maja says:

    I've noticed the red right away! Can't wait to see your new hair 😉
    And I agree, it's much, much better than my monday outfit. I couldn't take outfit pictures today, no way.. Sweater, skinnies and Timberlands? See, it sucks. 😀

    You look beautiful.

    11.19.12 · Reply
  17. triskelos says:

    Love the outfit and the bag – great for running errands and feeling comfy, but well dressed)

    11.19.12 · Reply
  18. Iep209 says:

    I love the sweater fun addition to the look!

    11.19.12 · Reply
  19. photosbyjaana says:

    love the hair color so far!  subtle but pretty.

    when i saw on instagram that this was your "getting shit done" outfit, I was quite impressed.  especially that you wear heels to get shit done.  you mean business.

    11.19.12 · Reply
  20. Hailey says:

    very cute and i'm excited to see your hair down!

    11.19.12 · Reply
  21. Elena says:
    11.19.12 · Reply
  22. Mary Chun says:

    Love the laid back look!

    11.19.12 · Reply
  23. ashleigh says:

    It's a win for me minus the sweater, but that's just my taste. I loooove the bright green bag and the wedges!

    11.19.12 · Reply
  24. Karin Howell says:

    Love the sweater and the wedges!!!

    11.19.12 · Reply
  25. Star White says:

    Lovin the red/purple hue in your hair! Can't wait to see it down!

    11.19.12 · Reply
  26. Alissa Futhey says:

    Such a cute outfit! Those wedges are darling Kendi!

    11.19.12 · Reply
  27. Kathryn Eyrelees says:

    Cute outfit!!  I have that blouse, but mine is Gentle Fawn.  Is it not the same blouse?

    11.19.12 · Reply
  28. kendra genevieve rose. says:
    11.19.12 · Reply
  29. Seekingstyleblog says:

    I like your hair up like that! 🙂

    xo Jennifer

    11.19.12 · Reply
  30. Ellen Donbeck says:

    good enough for any day- looks good girl! Always looking cute

    11.19.12 · Reply
  31. Kendi Lea says:

    No it is Gentle Fawn, but I couldn't find that one anywhere online 🙂

    11.19.12 · Reply
  32. Tbw4q327 says:

    that hair color is fantastic!

    11.19.12 · Reply
  33. Amy B. says:

    cute outfit

    11.19.12 · Reply
  34. Morgan Liti says:

    Love the hair color – can't wait for the big reveal. 🙂 And darling outfit – Kensie is one of my faves for sure!


    11.19.12 · Reply
  35. Shannon says:

    This outfit is making my heart pitter patter right here!

    11.19.12 · Reply
  36. Sarah H. says:

    I am going to stay up all night and keep refreshing this page until the next post goes up…the big reveal of your slightly redder hair is obviously something I need to see as soon as possible. Can't wait. But in the meantime…love your bag!

    Sarah's Real Life (pssst! Gems & Jam *vintage* giveaway in progress…)

    11.19.12 · Reply
  37. Amy says:

    Love that top and the green bag!

    11.19.12 · Reply
  38. I really really like how you layered the two tops! unexpected but they go together so well! 
    – Kelsey @Time Stand Still

    11.19.12 · Reply
  39. Love this laid-back and casual look – can't wait to see your hair!! 🙂

    11.19.12 · Reply
  40. Supal says:

    The cut of that sweater is awesome! Love the stripes too and a pop of green color, Kendi 🙂

    11.19.12 · Reply
  41. Chelsea says:

    Great green handbag!

    11.19.12 · Reply
  42. ajacks2 says:

    OMG-love that sweater!!!

    11.19.12 · Reply
  43. Nice layering, Kendi. You look beautiful.
    Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Clothes for Less

    11.19.12 · Reply
  44. The sweater is great and the color of your hair suits you very well!

    Monica from Fashion Koketi

    11.19.12 · Reply
  45. MsPeachPlus says:

    I adore that sweater!

    11.19.12 · Reply
  46. I like the sweater/striped shirt combo! Looks great!

    11.19.12 · Reply
  47. Anna D Kart says:

    Simple yet cute… How are you going to run errands in those heels dear? Dare I say you changed into flats after pictures? That's what I do…lol

    11.19.12 · Reply
  48. Demi3 says:

    I wished my "good enough" rocked as solidly as yours!! luv the look

    11.19.12 · Reply
  49. pins and needles is right! fall is the best time to switch your color up. looking forward to the big reveal!

    11.19.12 · Reply
  50. Amanda says:

    I love your reddish hair now!! Its awesome. I have a love for reddish-brown hair. 🙂 Thinking of getting my hair a reddish-brown with some blonde thrown in. 🙂


    11.19.12 · Reply
  51. Jennifer Merlin says:

    Wow, your good enough is great! Love that sweater!

    11.19.12 · Reply
  52. Janae Holmes says:

    Loving the sweater over tyhe stripped button down and the green handbag is simply stunning!!! Perfect for a monday!

    11.19.12 · Reply
  53. Kacie Ellis says:

    Can't wait to see the big hair reveal 🙂 Love your outfit!

    11.19.12 · Reply
  54. Kristian Satterlee says:

    Your writing always makes me smile. This outfit is much more than "Good enough for a Monday" though. It's cute and functional looking!

    11.19.12 · Reply
  55. Joyce says:

    Good outfit for any day! Love the reddish shade on ur hair!


    11.19.12 · Reply
  56. Brandy Saldana says:

    always impressed by your bun. looks chic and polished when you are not trying too hard! loving the shade of green of the bag!

    11.20.12 · Reply
  57. kayleigh maryon says:

    love the hair colour. Its fantastic. Can't wait to see it down. Also loving that purse colour. Fantastic.

    11.20.12 · Reply
  58. Nat says:

    Super cute! Love the shoes 🙂

    -Nat [nat in love]

    11.20.12 · Reply
  59. Betsy says:

    oh my god your top! I love it!

    11.20.12 · Reply
  60. Caroline L. says:

    I'm obsessed with Gap jeans… they fit so perfectly. Also, hey, people always say your best friend is yourself… so talking to yourself is actually a form of bonding, right?

    11.20.12 · Reply
  61. sihijau says:

    love the green bag 🙂
    Irene Wibowo

    11.20.12 · Reply
  62. Cute casual outfit.  I really love the pop of green.

    11.20.12 · Reply
  63. 11.20.12 · Reply
  64. Oh!  You just gave me an idea for an outfit.  I think I know what I'm wearing tomorrow.

    11.20.12 · Reply
  65. Hollyo says:

    pins and needles indeed!

    11.20.12 · Reply
  66. Laura Whitman says:

    That bag is so adorable! The color is fantastic. 


    11.20.12 · Reply
  67. Sophie Strout says:

    I recently went red too! It fades crazy fast but it is fun. I only wash it twice a week although I could get away with one if I used my dry shampoo more, I guess. And I use red shampoo/conditioner. Mine is only a semi-permanent though.

    11.20.12 · Reply
  68. I love the layers and texture in this outfit. The sweater is super awesome! 


    11.20.12 · Reply
  69. Elle says:

    Hi Kendi 🙂 love the layering details of this outfit- especially for a Monday! Good news is, Monday is over now! 🙂 Onto Tuesday lol

    xo, elle from Living
    in Color.

    11.20.12 · Reply
  70. Boldmeetsbasic says:

    Love this look, along with the new hair color!

    Best, Amelia

    11.20.12 · Reply
  71. Theresa says:

    Love that sweater!  Ahh, the sophistication and ease of a sleek high bun!  I love how it dresses up a casual outfit!


    11.20.12 · Reply
  72. I'm not usually a bag person, but I love that bag!

    11.20.12 · Reply
  73. loving the the layering 
    Xo Megan,

    11.20.12 · Reply
  74. Kathryn Eyrelees says:

    Hi Kendi,

    Thanks!  I thought I was going crazy 🙂

    I found a link for you…….

    All the best,

    11.20.12 · Reply
  75. Sweety says:

    I love your bun!. It’s very pretty and elegant!. You look so cute with it!.

    11.20.12 · Reply
  76. Moji says:

    The hair looks AWESOME!! and the collard shirt is great too :]

    11.21.12 · Reply