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7.17.12c{Dress: Similar-ish | Tote: Jess LC | Wedges: Similar

I bought this dress (from myself) a few months ago and it has yet to be on the blog even though I’ve worn it countless times. (Well if I have to count, probably 4.) It’s just one of those dresses that you wear when you don’t know what to wear. It’s got a lot going for it for just being a little black dress. First off, it’s black — the perfect color, it’s short and shows my legs which let’s be honest I’m going to milk these ladies for all they’ve got until I’m 75 and someone literally has to put pants on me, and finally, it doesn’t touch my body in any way so people think I might be in the early stages of pregnancy therefore doors are opened for me all day long. It’s the perfect dress.
In all seriousness, friends, you need to find a dress like this. Not LIKE this in the sense of the style or the color but in the fact that you need to have a style scapegoat on hand. On days that you wake up and think “not again” when it comes to getting dressed and ready, you need something easy to throw on but still look nice. A no-brainer kind of dress or outfit. And preferably something that doesn’t touch you.

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  1. Katy Steele says:

    I feel as though I need to own this exact dress. Can I order it from bloom? I'm assuming it isn't in stock anymore, but can it become in stock? I have no clue how these things work. Email me if possible!

    07.17.12 · Reply