7.20.12d{Top: Bloom | Jeans: Similar here or here | Necklace: Vanessa Mooney}
Holy crap, you guys. You didn’t have to be so nice on yesterday’s post. I read each and every comment with tears in my eyes. I was also chopping onions, but I’m pretty sure it was your kind words that brought me to tears. 
In case it wasn’t evident, I am okay. I just needed to remind myself of that truth. Your life doesn’t have to look like the masses, it just has to look like yours. I guess some of you guys needed to be reminded, too. It looks like we’re all in the A-Okay Club. All members must be a hot mess but are at least trying to hold it together. The only requirement? You must own colored jeans. 
Because when all else fails, make your legs look like giant crayons. It works every single time.

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  1. ShoeAxis says:

    That's what I need…colored pants! I'm sure they'll make me happy 😉

    07.20.12 · Reply
  2. Myfashiontake says:

    Simple and refreshing! Must go buy pink jeans NOW!

    07.22.12 · Reply