5.18.12d{Tank: Similar | Jeans:
| Purse: Brahmin | Wedges:
} This has been the longest shortest week ever. I can’t even explain that last sentence.Thank goodness it’s Friday. Can I get an amen?  We are about to be in the it’s really hot time of the year here in Texas. AKA the time of year that I feel ridiculous wearing scarves and blazers but I do it anyways. I’ll just sweat it out for the sake of fashion. I am not above that.

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  1. Priya says:

    Since I'm the first comment, does that mean I'm gonna get noticed?! I better make this good. First, I read your blog everyday (ha. no pun intended). You are a sartorial genius. Second, I'll be living in Nashville this summer so I will SO be following you for business casual but not stifling for summer heat outfits. Thanks Kendi!

    05.18.12 · Reply
  2. Chelsea says:

    Love it! My saying is, 'I don't dress for the weather, the weather dresses for me.' it makes no sense, but it's how I justify wearing what I do in NC 🙂 Rock that scarf in the heat doll!


    05.20.12 · Reply
  3. Catherine says:

    Already sticky in Big D. I moved the scarf from my neck to my head today. Anticipating wearing it as a halter top next;0
    Your fellow 'Sweaty Betty' AKA Uptown Catherine

    05.20.12 · Reply