1.11.12d{Lace Top, Similar Skirt}
Last time I wore a handmade cowl, I had many comments that accoladed me on my fine ability to knit. No, friends. I can not knit. In all honesty I have trouble tying lace up shoes, so knitting doesn’t happen in the Everyday household. I just have family members and talented friends that I force at gun point to make me things for free. Isn’t that so sweet of them? 
My shoes are in fact from Target. Cute, but not sturdy. Don’t be fooled I am walking with purpose today but only because I have to concentrate on every step I take. I can see strangers taking wagers on how long before I fall or break an ankle. (Breaking an ankle would obviously be a higher wager.) Cute but not sturdy; that should be my tag line.

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  1. You look awesome, as always! I too am guilty of the knitting request. I send my mother in law pictures and ask, oh so sweetly, could you make this for me?

    01.11.12 · Reply
  2. No. Way. Your shoes are from Target? I adore them! I know they have cute stuff but this really looked like something from Jessica Simpson or Steve Madden!

    I love your style!

    01.11.12 · Reply
  3. Leesh says:

    Sturdy or not, your shoes are cute. I love the two tone of colours…

    01.12.12 · Reply
  4. Miss M says:
    01.12.12 · Reply
  5. how is it that I always seem to miss out on Target's rare gems like those shoes? Maybe I do see them but don't have the visual capabilities needed to actually SEE them with an outfit or in my wardrobe? hmm…

    01.13.12 · Reply
  6. tdonofrio says:

    Love it all, great outfit!

    01.14.12 · Reply
  7. I think it would be better if u had paired it with black pumps, but nontheless you look gorgoeus! n great outfit!

    01.14.12 · Reply
  8. MonicaP says:

    Holy cow those shoes are from Target?  Ok, I have to pay much better attention to the shoes section!

    01.11.13 · Reply