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8.22.11d{Shop: Similar Skirt, Similar Heels}
I am wearing my shirt backwards, but it is on purpose. No it wasn’t dark when I got dressed this morning (see matching shoes), I just wanted this top to feel more like a tunic. So I turned it around for a higher neckline and boom, it’s a carefree tunic. Of course it parts in the middle and I’m not one to show off my rock hard abs this early in the day, so I reached for one of those pencil skirts that was made for people who didn’t have waists in the 80s and therefore have to wear it so far up that it could function as a bra. I can’t breath, but I’m also covering my goods. Modesty is so give and take sometimes.
I’ve packed up most of my accessories, as you can tell. And by “most” I mean the ones I was wearing at the time or the ones I’ve yet to find hidden in my house are still unpacked. I’ve also packed up most of my clothes. This should make for an interesting week of outfits. 
(How I wore the top the right way is here.)

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  1. Lisa says:

    I really like this look. I didn't know it's on backwards. Love how you describe howyou had to wear the skirt. I can totally relate. Been there before!

    08.22.11 · Reply
  2. Jo says:

    You are the queen of remixing.

    08.22.11 · Reply