Is this vintage or just old?

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I’m not sure if this skirt is vintage or just thrifted. I did in fact get it at a thrift store, but it was probably made in during the 50s or 60s. How do I know this? Because the tag says my size but it doesn’t hit my waist; it hits my rib cage. And I’m pretty sure people didn’t have ribs back then. If they did, they certainly weren’t the size of my rib cage — which I must brag, is fairly impressive. 
So my wise friends, please educate this fool. What makes something vintage? I know that when I pick up Old Navy at thrift store that’s obviously not vintage, but would this skirt be considered a vintage find? I told you I’m a fool, but also a quick study and I can bring snacks. 

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  1. No clue, but I freaking love this outfit!

    04.07.11 · Reply
  2. Amy Baby says:

    I'd say vintage! For sure. Lots of people say an item 20 years or older can be considered vintage and for the most part I agree. 🙂 (not sure I'd give the outfit I wore to my first day of kindergarten the honor though…)

    Either way, you look beautiful!

    04.07.11 · Reply
  3. Tatiana says:

    I would agree more than 20 years and you can call it vintage! I'm having a slight obsession with high waisted full skirts. Loving the yellow with the navy…

    04.07.11 · Reply
  4. Julie says:

    Kendi! I had this same question about stuff I found at the thrift store. I found this really great article that has helped me a lot! You should read it 🙂

    Hope it helps!!

    04.07.11 · Reply
  5. Im not sure if its vintage or not, but I love the outfit! Great color combo!

    04.07.11 · Reply
  6. Kandi! I came across your blog via pinterest and just have to say that 1) I just moved back to NYC from TX and am both in love with why you started this blog and in complete envy that I didn't think to do something like this you incredibly savvy woman you! 2) You are so cute. The husbands a great photographer. You're an action packed team.
    I really enjoyed stumbling upon this digital fashion oasis more so than the eye sores I have to endure on a daily basis.

    Sincerely *hugs*,

    07.22.11 · Reply
  7. Eliza says:

    Agreed. This looks like 70s to me too. 

    08.16.12 · Reply