4.5.11d{Shop: JeansHeels, Similar Pearl Necklace, Chain Necklace, Lips in ‘It Girl’}

To whomever gave up this gem of a jacket, I thank you. I now feel like my dream of being a Golden Girl is coming true. Since Blanche the lush is already taken, you can call me Dottie, the other lush. Cute right? It only took me all day to come up with that line. I’ve tried it on everyone I’ve met thus far today. I got two laughs and an eye roll — better than my normal joke stats so I went with it.

The red heels are back and possibly with a vengeance. I told someone today when they asked me to describe my style that I was the girl next door with the red heels on. Again, two laughs and an eye roll. But at least I got two laughs.

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  1. Kendi, you should be a comedian. I love reading your blog every single day. I get to your name on my blogroll, and I always think "Oh goodie, it's Kendi time!"


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