seeing stripes

I’m baaaaccckkkk…

Did ya miss me? I would say I’m better than ever but that would be a lie. I’m definitely back though, that is for certain. How about…I’m back and better than average. There that sounds right.
We had a freaking blast in Seattle. I would move there tomorrow if I had the cash. Seattle-ites, how do you live there? I would spend so much money on good food and at the two-story Anthropologie castle. My little Anthrobot found me a pretty skirt on sale for $30 and then I found a skirt that wasn’t on sale. He let me buy both. It was my “thank you for not throwing up on the airplane or crying like an adult baby” gift. Who said having aerophobia doesn’t pay?
So I wanted to join in on the official unofficial Wear Your Breton Stripes… or Else Day. A small holiday for fashion bloggers everywhere, deemed by the lovely Jessica. Banks and government offices did not close today, however I have a feeling that next year WYBSOE Day will be the biggest holiday after Christmas and Arbor Day. To celebrate this fine day, I decided to go with stripes and flowers. Add a little blazer to cover up the vacation pudge and we’ve got an outfit here people. (PS how is it possible to gain 5 pounds in both arms and my stomach within 4 days? I’m not sure but I did it. My superhero ability would be to look at food and gain weight. Then fly.) Back to the stripes. I am loving stripes lately, in fact about 50% of my purchases made in Seattle were stripes and the other 50% was wine. Just kidding, cheese and florals were involved as well.
I’ll try to get a few pictures up from Seattle this week, if you’re interested. If you are not, then I will post pictures of dog sculptures I’ve made out of yarn and things I found in the kitchen. See, I knew that you would want to see my vacation pictures. I’ll see you there. Or else.
  • Britty

    you went seattle wow awesome but you look great =] love the blazer

  • vintagewithatwist

    great outfit, fun and quirky!

  • Amber’s Notebook

    I am interested in both the Seattle picture AND the dog sculptures ..interesting. Actually I have never been to Seattle (well I have never made dog sculptures either) but those sound like they have potential.

    Love the outfit as always! Very inspiring. I love how you rock your style so hard. Like you totally have a thing and make it so fersh and "Kendi" and it's always executed perfectly.

  • Breanne at Bella Vita

    Love the pattern mixing!

    Glad you had a great time in Seattle. I've never been to the Pacific NW, but I'd love to go someday :-)

    Looking forward to your pics!

  • Morgan and Lua

    Nice stripe/floral combo!
    Seattle is on my list of places to visit. And now that I know they have an Anthropologie castle, well it just seems like a must.

    Glad to hear you had such an amazing time!

  • Dee

    The stripes & floral is such a fun mix! I'd try it myself, but it seems like stripe Tuesday is almost over, so maybe next week.

  • b.a.

    one year i worked at the iowa state fair (i was not a carnie) and, NO LIE, i gained 10 pounds in 11 days. that's what happens when 3 meals a day are served on a stick. it was so bad. but… you're outfit is fantastic! screw fat jeans. skirts are so much better.

  • Erin F.

    You're so funny! I wish I had your fashion sense and your writing ability. Hmm maybe you could trade places with me, move to MN and then I could have your wardrobe. Done and done. :)

  • Sonya

    I love the striped top with the floral skirt. Who would have thought they would go together so well?

  • Chelsea

    I'm loving the whole mix-matched patterns this season. So original and fun. You did a wonderful job, but I'm sure you knew that. :)

    My Life in Style

  • Renée T. Bouchard

    This outfit reminds me of the red & white stripes/floral outfit on anthro's website. Love it!

  • caffeinerd

    Stripes are my favorite right now, too! Very much wanting to do some pattern mixing after seeing your post (and one over at Fashionable Academics!). Yay for two new Anthro skirts!

  • Honeysucklecatering

    Hi Kendi! I'm a new reader to your awesome blog. I love the jasmine skirt from anthro! I'll be heading up there this weekend for my best friends bachelorette party and wish i could live there forever. i love seattle too!! bring on the pictures. we can swap notes! :)

  • Alexis

    #1: I'm a brand new reader to your blog and am already addicted.

    #2: I live in Seattle and work a mere 100 paces from said Anthro mecca. The whole block smells of candles and amazing prints and vintage inspired dishware. I eagerly await for them to update the window so I can gawk and swoon…every. single. time. I. walk. by.

  • Shelby

    i just lovve how humorus your blog posts are. glad to have you back!

  • barefootandvintage

    i agree. seattle is ah-mazing! a few years ago, i asked for a weekend trip to seattle for my bday…we stayed at the W and had a blast. great food, shopping, entertainment…the city is so cozy, yet so sophisticated. i'm glad you had a great time! :)

    ps…where's the friendship bracelet??? what? it didn't match your stripes?? hee hee…


  • Kayla

    Love the print mix. I'm dying to go to seattle.

  • C

    I love the mix of pattern and stripes. Cute look

  • Dylana Suarez

    beautiful mix of patterns!

    Just came across your blog!

    It is lovely!

  • Rebecca

    Love the mix of patterns. I think it works so well because you've kept it simple with the blue and white. It gives me confidence to try the same :)

  • Plummy

    I'm so glad you liked Seattle! I am from Seattle, and let me tell you, the second-hand shopping is fantastic. Unfortunately, it's easy for me to resist the siren call of Anthro…given that I have no money. :( But your skirt looks super cute!

  • Destined For Now

    I love that skirt. And it's so great with the stripes.

  • sallyannie☆

    I missed you! …that makes me sound like such a creep but actually I did check your blog at least twice in the hope that my bloglovin' reader hated you (how cruel!) and hid your posts but it didn't and that was sad. Not that it doesn't hate you, that you did not post. Okay, off to go not be creepy now!

  • Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes

    Love the outfit. I wish I knew about this holiday because I would have loved to participate!

    Can't wait to see the Seatle pictures. I would love to go there.

  • L

    this is one of my favorites outfits i've seen on you!
    you look stunning and your hair is flawless!
    how do you do it?
    i'm in love with the skirt and striped top.

    if you ever get the chance:


  • Stel

    Love the mix of florals and stripes – they go together so well!!

  • Melanie

    I love the mix of stripes and flowers – It looks great! I actually wanted to do something similar for my post yesterday…..but alas…..I don't seem to own a floral skirt. I'm not sure how that happened….but it has made me want to shop for one….stat :-)
    Welcome back and glad to hear the trip was great!!

  • Celine

    Kendi, I literally sit here laughing whenever I read your posts. You are so funny. I participated in Breton Stripes Day too…except that I forgot there was a deadline and woke up Tuesday morning thinking "now what did I forget to do…?" – ah well :) I love how you incorporated them into your outfit.

  • megannielsen

    So cute! I love the stripes and flowers together!

  • jennifer

    I love the outfit! I'm stalking that skirt on Anthro right now! I think I need to go ahead and get it! :) Can't wait to hear about your trip! Yay for the Northwest!

  • Sal

    Love that black-and-white pattern mix, lady. And how lucky are you to have your very own Anthrobot?

  • Becky

    You look adorable! I love your jacket.

  • Elle Sees

    You're backkkk! I was worried. No seriously, I did check your page daily. And I love vacation pictures. So bring 'em on….

  • Katie

    You are pretty much adorable and hilarious :) Seattle is awesome… I grew up just outside the city, but if you like the NW, you need to try Portland, OR. That's where I live now and it's cheaper, has less traffic, and better food and wine :)

  • Lucy

    Great outfit!! I love everything about it, especially how you mixed the patterns!!

  • L.

    You have the best sense of humor. It was so nice of the Anthrobot to let you but this skirt too because it's ridiculously cute. Can't wait to see your pics from Seattle!

    Betty Noir

  • Fabulocity in Amish Country

    Great job pattern mixing! Super cute look!! :)

  • Melanie

    Glad you had a nice time! I was definitely missing your posts. That's kind of weird, but I don't care.

    I love this look. I am completely out of the loop with Wear Your Brenton Stripes day. Yeah. What a looosah.

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads

  • butterfly307

    I love the combination of flowers and stripes!!

  • Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion)

    Welcome back! We all missed you, don't worry! jeje

    Love the outfit btw! The pattern mixing looks so bold and chic!

  • Clare

    I can't wait to see the Seattle pictures! This outfit is just darling, by the way!

  • Sadie’s Momma

    I want to mix patterns, but I'm still scared! You look incredible! And we are shirt twins today!!!

    <3 KP

  • lady lee

    Great outfit :) loving stripes lately too!! I really like how you mixed stripes with floral. You are showing that small town how to dress!

    Maybe your Bravo show should be "Kendi's Fashion Revolution" (like the Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution) where you give your small town folk lessons in how to look tres chic.

  • Becca

    I've been eyeing this skirt in anthro and patiently waiting for it to go on sale, and here it is, TAUNTING ME! Love it!! Well you look so good in it, I might not be able to resist next time I'm there.

    xo, Becca @

  • Rachael

    If I had those two prints in my closet, I would not think to mix them. But then you do and voila! Perfection. Thanks for showing me the light!
    And you probably gained 5lbs in memories, so don't stress it!

  • Tieka, Selective Potential

    Ahhh, so amazing! I can't believe I missed out on Breton Stripes Day!! Next year, I'll be there! 😉

  • shealennon

    Fun print mixing! I missed Breton Stripe…or Else Day–I hope the "or Else" won't be too bad. Glad you're back :)

  • sammy_miu

    Hahaha omg you are definitely the funniest blogger ever!!
    Really liking the floral and stripes trend that's been going on…its a cool mixture of patterns! which i kind of suck at :)

  • Jenava

    Yay, glad you like Seattle! And you had good weather. Do you know how lucky you are? You came right at the end of, like, 3 months of drizzle and temps in the 50s. No joke.

  • emily//the lesser panda

    i love striped tops with floral skirts, that's my fave combo right now

  • Das What She Said

    Hi Kendi, just thought I'd introduce myself…

    Cute flower skirt and striped shirt combo!

  • Suzy

    Love this – especially your striped tank!

  • Gray in Seattle

    I'm a seattle fan of your blog and tend to just drool over the summer wardrobe that you sport day after day. your remixing seems to be the big challenges, but ever thought of giving suggestions to those who have to cover up with a sweater, scarf, pants and boots, even when it's mid-June?? Love your outfits but need some cloudy weather inspiration too! All weather wear could be another challenge…. just sayin. Not for my personal benefit or anything. Well, maybe just a little.

  • Lindsay

    Hey, cool! I know this is a super old post, but me and my little blog (and husband and cats) live in Seattle. Glad you loved it here! It really is the best city to call home.

  • Lindsay

    Hey, cool! I know this is a super old post, but me and my little blog (and husband and cats) live in Seattle. Glad you loved it here! It really is the best city to call home.