Hi! How was everyone’s week? Mine was weird thank you for asking. Vaguely weird. I rounded up the few outfits I actually photographed this week and a few special appearances of outfits I probably shouldn’t have photographed but I most definitely wore. Let’s get to it!

Denim on Denim Dress

I love this denim dress from Madewell. It doesn’t seem like the type of dress I would feel comfortable in which makes it that much more alluring to me. It fits like an absolute dream and doesn’t hang on my underwear or create weird lumps or lines. 10/10 recommend! It’s stretchy, lightweight fabric but with structure, no stiff denim here. I am in the size 10 and it runs true to size for me!

Madewell Dress | Madewell Cropped Denim Jacket | Adidas Sambas | Clare V. Crossbody

Polka Dot Maxi Dress

Once again: is this a dress? is this a cover up? YES. Either way I’m wearing it like a dress until I’m non-ironically at a pool. Also you better believe I doubled down on those polka dots with my headband. No one out polkas these dots. If there is a theme, I will adhere to it like a Met Gala attendee.

I am in the medium of the linen dress — it runs quite generously! Fits more like a large to me. It’s on sale, too! With an extra 50% off!

J.Crew Linen Dress | J.Crew Headbead | Reformation Sandals | J.Crew Tote

Mom Uniform

This is definitely my mommin’ outfit these days. I love this white tee from Madewell and that’s wild to me because it is fitted and I don’t necessarily love a fitted tee. But this one is so smooth and soft, I love it. Paired it with these loose Zara shorts and my go-to tote these days and there ya go.

Madewell Pima Tee | Zara Denim Shorts | Reformation Sandals | J.Crew Canvas Tote | Karen Walker Sunglasses

Mom Uniform, pt 2

This is another take on my ‘mom outfit’ obviously. The same shorts but I upgraded the tee to a nice sweater and my new Anine Bing slides I got for Mother’s Day. These whole slides will become my whole personality this summer by the way.

Madewell Sweater | Zara Shorts | Madewell Woven Tote | Anine Bing Slides

J.Crew Linen Pants

I don’t know what I was going for this day but I feel like I have big corporate energy here. I paired my old standby button down from Madewell (size down!) and these lovely linen pants from J.Crew. I wear the large — fit is TTS!

Madewell Poplin Top | J.Crew Linen Pants | Anine Bing Slides | Madewell Leather Purse

J.Crew Linen Shorts

This outfit is — I can’t even remember what day this was but I know it worn lol! This is one of those I don’t know if I’d actually share it but here we are…sharing it. I love these shorts from J.Crew, so much. A summer staple for sure.

Zara Striped Blouse | J.Crew Tropez Shorts | Zara Sandals

Madewell Peasant Blouse

I randomly wore this to soccer practice and sweated my little ass off, lol. I did not plan well for that day but I looked cute. Also this shirt is GIANT so size down! Otherwise it’s a really nice, lightweight cotton, slightly sheer but gives romantic vibes. These shorts run TTS!

Madewell Peasant Blouse | Madewell Shorts | Madewell Sandals

Outfits I probably shouldn’t share

This is one of those outfits I wore when I think I was packing up orders from the shop! Also these are cheap headphones but they are amazing! I have been so impressed with them. I’ve put a ‘nice headphone’ ban on myself and if they are over $100 I can’t buy them. Why? Because I break them, I lose them, I don’t know but somehow I can go through headphones so fast it’s sad. So far these cheaper ones I’ve held onto better than any apple or beats product I’ve ever owned.

Also I have been trying not to buy cheaper things just because they’re cheaper but I stand by this pair of $25 shorts from Target. They don’t roll down and they are long enough for me to walk in without chafing. I am in the large, love this size. I think they run slightly generous.

Target All In Motion Shorts | Similar sweatshirt (Nike) | Similar Nikes | Sony Headphones

Lol to this outfit and photo but here I am at swim practice in all of my glory. I look like this most days probably. My go to for IDGAF Fridays — my biker shorts, a big ol’ sweatshirt even if it’s 90 degrees out and the swim bag that has everything in it. (I swear by plain canvas bags!)

Lululemon 6″ biker shorts | Nike Sweatshirt | canvas bag

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