Are colorful blazers back in style? Well… according to Old Navy they are! Do I think ON is the end all / be all of what’s next in trendy fashion… I do not but I do support this light linen blazer in the gorgeous hue of lavender. It reminds me of the high 2010s when I had a very colorful wardrobe, including blazers of all hues. Mint, neon pink, neon floral for that matter, royal blue, lime green — like I was a colorful blazer queen. So you can see why I am suspicious about diving back into this trend because as we all know I don’t do things subtly. But I saw this on sale at Old Navy and I really like the cut of it. I’m in the large, fit is perfect for me. I was *This* close to getting the matches shorts but I quite like the contrast with these linen shorts from J.Crew, plus I already had them.

Although I do love a matching set and find it to be so chic, I think with this color I like to break it up with the linen hue. What do you think? Go full matchy-matchy?  (PS: if the Old Navy blazer sells out, J.Crew Factory has an almost identical one!)

These Greta flats from Madewell are growing on me, figuratively of course. If it was literally, then this post would be a cry for help. At first they were hard to put on / felt tight but after wearing them a few times, they’ve stretched out nicely and I really like them. I like the little windows for my toes, it’s a nice alternative for a flat this summer too. Find them from Madewell here but go up a halfsies if you’re in between sizes!

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I am in the large of the blazer, TTS. I am in the medium of the tank and medium of the shorts. The flats run slightly short but they do grow with wear. I woudl say if in between go up a half size.

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  1. Kendi,
    Every time I see you, I stop thinking. I love you with or without matching sets and I find you so chic and gorgeous. ❤️❤️❤️

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