I have to remind myself that even though it is December, it’s still technically autumn. Especially here in Texas; our leaves are just now turning brilliant colors of red and yellow before they start falling to the ground. I know we have just a few weeks before the trees turn bare, so I’m soaking up this beautiful landscape as much as I can. We live behind a park and the untouched trees that back up to our house are just brilliant right now — I feel like I live in the Northeast when I look out at the beautiful autumn hues. I’m going to keep feeding myself this delusion because it makes me feel like we are actually experiencing fall, my favorite season. It never quite feels real when we actually get an autumn season, so I’m trying to take it all in. We usually shoot on our streets but this trail in the park was too pretty to not take advantage of. Plus, it matches my coat just perfectly. *chef’s kiss* I just love when that happens.

This pretty plaid coat is giving all the autumn hues — it’s brown with and I know this might sound weird but with a hint of yellow. Just like the trees. This is a lightweight coat, so it’s perfect for right now. I am in the medium and it fits generously but I think perfectly! You can find it here — with free shipping too!

Yep, these jeans have been on heavy rotation. They’re just my favorite right now and fair warning — they will be in the capsule. Hope you like them, lol.

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I am in the medium of the coat, it runs TTS. I am in the M/L of the turtleneck, it runs small. I am in the 30 of the jeans, they’re generous but overall TTS.

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  1. I’m also loving color lately. It’s as if autumn initiates romanticism to sink into the sand of sensuality.

  2. It sounds like you’re truly savoring the autumn vibes in Texas, even if the weather might not fully align with the seasonal calendar. The picturesque description of the brilliant red and yellow leaves, especially in the park behind your house, paints a lovely picture of the autumn scenery. Your delusion of experiencing fall in a Northeastern fashion adds a charming touch, highlighting your appreciation for this favorite season.

    The choice of a pretty plaid coat that mirrors the autumn hues, with its brown and hint of yellow, seems to create a perfect harmony with the natural surroundings. The mention of the lightweight nature of the coat, suitable for the current weather, and the link for interested readers enhances the practicality of your post.

    The personal touch of your favorite jeans on heavy rotation adds a relatable element, hinting at the upcoming capsule and engaging your audience by inviting them to share their thoughts. Overall, your post captures the essence of appreciating the beauty in the moment and finding joy in the small, harmonious details.

  3. It sounds like you’re savoring the autumn vibes in Texas, appreciating the beauty of the changing leaves and enjoying the picturesque landscape. Your description of the trees turning brilliant shades of red and yellow creates a vivid image, and it’s clear that you’re relishing this seasonal experience.

    The plaid coat you mentioned seems to complement the autumn hues perfectly, and it’s delightful when your outfit aligns so well with the natural surroundings. Your reference to the coat as a “chef’s kiss” moment adds a touch of playfulness and enthusiasm.

    It’s interesting to note your attachment to autumn, your favorite season, and your determination to make the most of it, even if the season doesn’t always feel quite real in Texas. The decision to shoot in the park instead of on the streets, solely because of its beauty, reflects your appreciation for the fleeting beauty of the season.

    Lastly, the mention of your favorite jeans being on heavy rotation and a playful hint about them being in the capsule adds a personal touch to your narrative, making it relatable and engaging for readers.

    Overall, your post exudes a sense of joy, appreciation for the little things, and a connection to the season. It invites readers to share in your experience and perhaps reflect on their own favorite seasonal moments.

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