Hands down the number one question I’ve been getting lately is: What do you wear under mini dresses? I got you girl! The answer is simple AND comfortable. Are you ready? It’s biker shorts. It’s 3″ biker shorts from Amazon. Now you can go a little longer to a 5″ of course, but I wear either black or a skin tone color and I don’t think twice about it. Since most of the dresses I’m wearing lately are flouncy or loose, I don’t need a smoothing or slimming option. And yet the ones I found via Amazon hold me in pretty darn well.

What to Wear Under Dresses this Spring

So you’ve got a few options here — a regular activewear biker short, OR one with pockets which is even fancier. You could also go with a slimming short (this brand Shapermint is pretty good and I love their price point) or if you want a short but a prettier option, you could go with a lace slip short. All of the options are under $25 as well which is nice. Each option is linked below!

Amazon 3 Pack of Shorts | Shapermint Smoothing Shorts | Amazon Biker Shorts* | Lace Slip Shorts

(*this is what I own! Easy and cheap option that’s comfortable and not too tight.)

So now you know! Just as a tip, if you want a more covering option go with a darker hue. The nude can look like underwear when inevitably my dress flies up during these windy spring days. My black shorts are a safer choice if you really want to make sure they look like shorts not underwear underneath.


My dress is Free People and it’s so comfortable! Find it here!

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Fit Details

I am in the medium of the dress. Runs short but fit is TTS!

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