Shop the Free People Clean Lines Bodysuit here!

Bodysuits are complicated. I mean inherently yes — they have tiny buttons you have to unbutton quickly, usually in a moment of need. But I don’t mean that, I mean they are complicated to style. Especially if you have a little bit of a tummy because it’s essentially like tucking a swimsuit into jeans and that can be…awkward if you don’t know what you’re doing. For you, for the bodysuit, for the jeans. So I wanted to break down how to get the best fit for a bodysuit and the easiest way to wear it this spring I you like the idea but you aren’t completely sold on it.

This Free People one is a great starter bodysuit because it’s super soft and very stretchy fabric, with a smoothing element to it. It almost feels like really nice leggings or yoga pants fabric, but a bit thicker than that. Now it will show bumps because you are pulling the fabric over your entire torso, so what I like to do here is make sure I get the right size. I don’t care about the letter on the tag, I care about how it looks and feels. I am in the M/L here and it’s actually a great length for me and the fit is right. You want to get the exact fit with a bodysuit — too small and you’ll be uncomfortable and too big you’ll be constantly readjusting the straps, shoulders, etc. This one fits well in all of those departments. (for the record, if this one is the starter bodysuit, then Good American / Skims is the finish line. Those suckers are a battle to get on, get off, etc. You like need a friend  to help but a really close one you know?)

Shop the Free People Clean Lines Bodysuit here!

If you are new to bodysuits, your brain might be like ‘Why? What is the reason for this?’ (spoken in a stern British accent) And honestly I don’t know the origin or the why the bodysuit was made (but I definitely think a man was behind it). However, I do know why I wear them and like them. You see, it’s all about the smoothing. So you can see here I am wearing it with this elastic waist midi skirt right? The skirt can sit on my bodysuit perfectly, no bulk of a tee or a shirt to tuck in and I don’t have to pair a crop top with it. The 360º looks great because it’s smooth all the way around, no front tuck with the back tee hanging out, etc. So for me, pairing bodysuits especially thinner weight / smoothing ones is perfect for skirts because it immediately looks nice and smooth and put together. (ahem, excuse my black bra peeking out)

This skirt I received via my Stitch Fix this month, but I think you can shop it here. I’ve also linked a few more below!

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Fit Details

I am in the M/L of the bodysuit. Fit is great! I am in the medium of the skirt, it runs TTS as well.

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