Well. I did it you guys. I found the one purse that was available and I bought it and now it’s nowhere to be found. How do I do it? I don’t know but I did it. The good news is it is available in a pretty leather hue but this white beige is gone. Nowhere on the internet to be found except for on me. I did find a really pretty similar look from Etsy, so there is that. But yes, I’m sorry. Maybe we can officially petition Clare V. to make more of this color? But anyways here is the cognac color, here are all the colors, and here is a similar looking purse on Etsy.

Why I am into the Gap right now I will never know but I am. This dress is high Gap to me — like could this dress BE anymore Gap? I am in the medium and I think it runs large tbh. Which is weird because usually mediums are spot on for me but the top is actually quite loose / big. So I would suggest sizing down one. I will say as far as fit — the tiers poof out just a bit so a bit of height might be needed for this look either by heels or by God. I used both here.

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  1. What bra are you wearing with this dress? I want to buy it so bad but I have similar size bust as you and was wondering if you could share how the straps are not showing…thanks!

  2. Even if this dress may seem banal at first sight, your naturalness, reminiscent of divinity, has the power to transcend the superfluous to make it a visual work of beauty and sensuality. It’s a bit like a Stendhal version of a love story or an action version of “In The Mood For Love”. The birth of desire has never been slowed down to heel height.

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