Hello from the Sunshine State, which is Florida but also my state of mind. I was made for a beach town. If I win the lottery — and yes, this is me manifesting it — I’m moving to the beach. And if it’s the Powerball one that’s a stupid amount of money, you all can come with me. 

AKA if we move to the beach, you can bet we won the lottery. 

I truly do not mean to match my colors to my surroundings; it really is happenstance or maybe a subconscious power I have when I pack. But yes everything I packed did nicely fit in with the colors of the town and the beach. And I am thrilled. We saw this wall while I was wearing this dress and it was the perfect coincidence of color. This dress I quickly picked up last minute at J.Crew on sale and it is the prettiest little thing. Colorful, lightweight but covering too. You know how I like a long sleeve dress with a short skirt and this one understood the assignment. It’s currently on sale x on sale at J.Crew! I am in the 8. It’s a bit snug at the chest, so size up for more chest room only!

Find it here. 

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I am in the 8 of the dress. Fit is TTS! It’s slightly smaller at the chest, so if you have a bigger chest then size up one! It’s a lovely lightweight dress for spring / summer. I am in the 10 of the slides, tts.

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  1. Congratulations Kendi for you and for such a smart dress. It has understood its assignement so well that I want to rest my head on this adorable chest and feel the scent and freshness of the bewitching petals that are anchored to it. <3:)

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