Good news — these wide leg jeans from Madewell I linked a few weeks ago on my IG + LTK sold out or went into pre-order and guess what? They are back in full stock! I’m so excited because I love them and you will too. I’m in the 29 fo the jeans, I find them to be a bit snug but overall TTS! I am in the regular length, fit is perfect for me (I’m 5’9″).

Find them here!

Also this blue bag has been confiscated by one Gemma Skeen, lol. She saw it and goes ‘momma! a purse? for me?’ cue puppy dog eyes. So now I guess we are sharing purses? I mean that is if she gives it back….

All that to say, I love this bag from Madewell. It’s a great size for spring and summer and I love the crossbody option as well. If you prefer a smaller purse over a big ol’ tote, this is a great option from Madewell! Oh and lots of other colors are available too like a pretty cognac or black; blue was just my choice. <3 Find it here!

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  1. I have a couple of the Sydney bags and they are all lovely! the blue is dreamy 🙂

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