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We had big vacation plans for 2020 this year, as I’m sure you did as well. Gemma is getting to an age that’s a lot easier to travel with, we’ve been saving for a few trips and we were ready to book. We wanted to hit up the mountains this year and find a few trails to hike on. And then… well you know what happened. So we’ve had to get creative with our vacations, since they are non-existent as of now. We decided we needed a few mental getaways since we can’t truly get away. ¬†(I will say a socially distanced camping trip is still pending. And by pending I mean I’m trying to decide if this 35 year old body can sleep on an air mattress and not wake up a total monster. Still. Pending.)¬†Breaking up our routine is important from week to week, so we’ve been trying to find new things to do in our neck of the woods. No really — we are surrounded by the woods and we actually didn’t even know it. Absolutely wild I tell you that we didn’t even know this land existed and we had full access to it. A post on being more observant coming soon. About three months ago we realized that there were multiple ponds where we live as well as many, many nature trails. I was attuned to the perfectly planned out and paved walking trails but there’s actual hiking trails with running streams of water and actual…well all the nature, including and not limited to snakes and bears. Okay probably not bears, but I never want to rule anything out. That’s how they get you — when you least expect it.

It’s getting hotter now but we’ve loved hiking the trails and just finding some peace in nature without having to travel to find it. All we had to do was do some light discovering and here we found a little bit of vacation in our backyard. This also gives me an excuse to dress like I am vacationing in Colorado. Dress like the vacation you want, right?

I did actually buy a few new things recently from Nordstrom’s activewear line, Zella because I wanted to update a few of my basic piece that I wear over and over. And for my faux-cation, as well. I’ve said this many times before here but it’s my favorite activewear brand and honestly I feel like it flies under the radar a bit. The quality is wonderful, I’ve never been disappointed. I have leggings that are 6 years old and still look brand new. So it’s a double-edge sword when I want to buy new leggings because I know my other Zella leggings are in great shape and I don’t *really* need a new pair…. but that’s just between us gals ok?

While I was shopping for my new found love for nature trail hiking, a few workout essentials stuck out to me! I’ve rounded up the 5 essentials I think you need in your activewear line up year round below!

So what did I get? I picked up this pair of studio lite leggings because when we are out hiking I do like to have a bit more protection on my legs, but these are a great weight for summer. (There is also the Live In Leggings in the crop, which is my favorite legging but a bit thicker! Find those here.) I picked up this easy tank and it’s the perfect loose fit and not too cropped. I love their fabric for their tops as well, they are not clingy and very breathable. Plus I like that most of their tops are plain because it can go with most all of my other shorts and leggings. I also grabbed a new sports bra, this one here and I did go ahead and size up one to a large. And since I’m usually running errands in my workout clothes as well or as I like to call it ‘errandwear’ I grabbed this chic tie-dye sweatshirt as well. I’ll use it more this fall as a top but I love having it as a layer for when I get chilly inside. You can find it here!

I rounded up a few other Zella pieces as well! If you are new to Zella, try their leggings first — I promise you won’t be disappointed!

*This post is sponsored by Nordstrom. Thank YOU for supporting the brands and businesses that support this blog!

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I am consistently a medium across the board with Zella. I am in the medium of the leggings, tank and sweatshirt. I sized up on this bra because of the reviews to a large. The Nikes run a bit snug, but I’m in my true to size 10.

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  1. Perfect workout outfit! The printed sweatshirt is totally cute. I love Zella too, have been wearing for years! Those Nike shoes look amazing!

    We had to cancel our summer vacation as well. Were supposed to be in DC as we speak.

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