If you thought ‘hey that’s a nice cardigan she’s wearing’ well, well, well have I got news for you: It’s not just a cardigan— it’s a COAT-igan. At least that’s what Target has named it and honestly I love it. I’m here for all of the combination words and styles. If we want to mix a cardigan with a coat and give it a new name, I’ll subscribe to it 1000%.

While this cardiga — sorry, coatigan — is definitely thicker than your average cardi, I wouldn’t ever suggest this as a coat. Unless you are a bear and then you’d be fine because of your exterior fur. So while I am here for the combinations of styles and words, I don’t think this really qualifies as a coat-igan. I am truly sorry to Target but this is a thick cardigan. Thick-igan. Nope, shouldn’t have written that and I do apologize for hurting your eyes and brain for that one. (For those wondering, there is no delete button on my keyboard. Fell off years ago.)

I do really like this cardigan though, it’s kind of a mash up of a coat / cardigan / blazer, so you can pair with with a tee, a camisole, or even a sweater. It may seem weird to essentially layer a sweater over a sweater, but this cardigan isn’t thick enough to bulk you up, so layer away. You can find this cardigan under $50 here!

You can find my camel sweater, also from Target, here!

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I am in the mediums of both the sweater and the cardigan. I’m in the 29 of the denim — they run a big generous I think. The boots are true to size.

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  1. This is super cute! I appreciate outfit ideas like this that I can wear to work. As a Dr. in a psychiatric facility I get bored with the same old outfits all the time and am very excited for Fall to switch my game up a bit. Both the coatigan and the sweater have been ordered 😊👍🏼. I’ve been looking at that sweater for a while, but would have never considered to coatigan on my own. Thank you!

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