I have been pleasantly surprised with my denim finds this fall. The infamous $20 pair of black skinny jeans from Target and this grey pair from Amazon. I gave that Daily Ritual brand a shot and I really like this pair of jeans. They are a stiffer denim (not a jegging) but they do have stretch. They are also more of a mid-rise than a high rise. If you’re like me, you’ve become accustomed to high waisted denim lately so a mid-rise to me feels like low riders. As you can see here, these are not low riders but actually just a normal jean. I really like this grey hue because it give my closet another option for denim. Black denim can be such a specific look, more edgy than normal denim and blue denim can go with just about anything but feels the most casual, so a grey denim gives my outfits another look — where as this sweater would have looked great with this sweater but the grey denim elevates the whole look somehow. Grey denim: who knew?

(I mean, me — I knew. But just trying to keep it humble you know?)

Find this pair of under $50 denim here!

It’s been absolutely freezing here this week so I’ve had this sweater on for the last two days. It’s so warm so I’m glad I had it. I was caught off guard by the cold front. And by caught off guard I mean I hate it. I wore this sweater  yesterday with the grey denim like this and today with my Spanx leggings and sneakers. Both are winning looks but you’ll have to take my word on it for the Spanx outfit. I know, I know — no photos or you didn’t wear it, Kendi. I’ll try to shoot this sweater with Spanx + sneakers soon! (PS: sweater fits true to size! I am in the medium.)

You can find this sweater here!

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Fit Details

I am in the medium of the sweater! Fit is loose but true to size. Denim runs true to size. I’m in a 29R. Over 5’9” height would need the tall option.

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  1. I love the gray with cognac accessories! This look has inspired me to try same color combo with what I have in my wardrobe. Obsessed!

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