I wanted to start a new series at the beginning of each month to show a few favorite items I’ve picked up recently and to give you a preview of what will be on Kendi Everyday this month! So welcome Fresh Finds to KE, a monthly post about my favorite things this month. As always you can hoover and click on the products above to take you straight to their product pages.

I don’t know if I’ve always been this way or if buying for the shop for 5 years made me this way, but I tend to shop by color themes. I actually didn’t realize this until a friend pointed it out to me and then I started recognizing my habit and perhaps obsession with keeping a color theme. (With merchandising at the shops, I always merchandised each rack as a small collection with similar color stories. Just thinking of those full racks with similar hues calms me. Ahhhh.)

So if you are wondering if this black / white / pink color theme is by chance or by choice, I suppose both but it just happens subconsciously — I just end up shopping this way. It cracks me up to see what colors I’m drawn to by the end of a shopping trip. So this month as you can see it’s black, pinks and greys. Just a few neutrals for January. Pink is a neutral in my world, ok?

A few highlights:

  • I’m a fair-weathered shopper at Madewell but I stopped in and loved these booties (have worn nonstop) and picked up this top at Nordstrom. (Side note, I love that Nordstrom carries Madewell.They are seriously becoming a one stop shop.) Love the fit of this top and the feel. It’s flowy and structured at the same time. Perfect. 
  • I picked up this under $150 pink coat because believe it or not I’ve been on the lookout for one this year and have yet to find one! I just needed to wait until January.
  • As you can see, I’m in the mood for dresses. Three on here! I think it’s because winter here has decided to be kind for now and dresses are just the most comfortable after the holidays. You know exactly what I mean by that.#foodbaby (Can not wait to show you this one on and this one is a steal!)
  • I think this pink fever started with my nails. I’m currently obsessed with this light light pink from Essie. And as I found out, it’s a perfect juxtaposition next to my leather moto jacket.
  • Also in love with these ruffle sleeve tops lately. This must be a new thing because I am seeing them everywhere. I picked up this baby pink one and this grey Current/Elliot tee.


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  1. I always thought you color-themed on purpose to be able to coordinate more outfits in a season. Now I know you’re just naturally brilliant w/out even trying when it comes to style. 🙂 (Your Top 10 lists are often color-themed too – is where I noticed it.)

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