Grey Moto Jacket on Kendi Everyday

Grey Moto Jacket on Kendi Everyday

Grey Moto Jacket on Kendi Everyday

Grey Moto Jacket on Kendi Everyday

Grey Moto Jacket on Kendi Everyday

Grey Moto Jacket on Kendi Everyday

Grey Moto Jacket on Kendi Everyday

Grey Moto Jacket on Kendi Everyday

Grey Moto Jacket on Kendi Everyday
Grey Moto Jacket on Kendi Everyday

Grey Moto Jacket on Kendi Everyday

Grey Moto Jacket on Kendi Everyday

I must be in a grey state of mind this week. Don’t worry I have a very good feeling that a very, very bright outfit is coming for you tomorrow. If you are into color, I’ve got you girl. But if you are a grey addict, as am I, then this jacket is for you. It’s so, so comfortable. It’s kind of like a sweater jacket – a swacket? Can we just make up words like that? I think we can, so let’s stick with swacket. It’s got a nice ring to it.

So anyways, this swacket is the most comfortable. I love when a jacket is comfortable because sometimes I feel constrained when I wear a jacket as my outfit all day. Not the swacket. No constraining here. Just a cozy little jacket in the perfect shade of grey.

I finally finished Gilmore Girls revival last night! I’d love to hear your thoughts, if you watched and finished it. I won’t leave any spoilers here mainly because my mom hasn’t watched it. But I think that I have an unpopular opinion from other things I’ve read about the show’s revival season. You ready for this unpopular opinion? I didn’t think Rory was *that* bad. Everyone is hating on her and I just don’t get it. But of course I want to hear your thoughts, so spill them. I’ll answer more in the comments so as not to be a spoiler to those who haven’t watched! No spoilers here.

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For fit reference, I’m in the medium of this jacket. Fits true to size!

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25 Responses

  1. Awww… everyone should back off Rory. I’m with you, Kendi! Plus, if everything was all perfectly well and good, then there wouldn’t be any material for more episodes. 🙂

    1. That’s what I’m saying! I feel like they were prepping for another season but with Rory as the Lorelei type. I mean if you look at Lorelei’s relationships with men, it’s not that far from what Rory was doing. ALSO it takes two to tango with the whole Logan situation! I am not saying it’s right, but share the responsibility! Everyone was putting in on Rory only :/ Side note: I was never a fan of Logan. #teamjess all the way.

  2. cozy up!
    AGH! they have to continue the series; they can’t leave us hanging like that!
    Overall though, I feel like 4 episodes were good but they tried to put toooo much content into it
    – Belen

    1. Agreed and agreed! It felt like a lot!! I’m with you — they HAVE to continue this right?!

  3. I agree about Gilmore Girls. Except, sorry, Team Logan! I’m still rooting for the two of them. I think it’s more relatable making Rory not Miss Perfect. And not having your career figured out perfectly by 32? Uh, can we say NORMAL? And getting knocked up by your rich college boyfriend in your 30’s….not the worst thing ever. I really really hope they doing more episodes at some point soon.

    1. I think I’m on an island being Team Jess. 😉 I agree on not making her Ms Perfect. and AGREED — 32 is not the age of perfection, people. Because if it is, I’ve got some work to do!

      1. Kendi – You are NOT on an island. I have been Team Jess since the beginning of the series. To me, Logan is the spoiled and selfish boyfriend who refuses to ever take responsibility and uses his wealth to take and never give.
        Also, I don’t think they ended the revival that way in order to set it up for another season. Amy Sherman Palladino knew those would be the last 4 words when she started writing the series 10+ years ago, but the opportunity was taken away when they switched writers for the last seasons. I’m sure if enough money is offered, Netflix might consider it.
        Sorry, rant over. #teamjess all the way!

      2. Oh, and I forgot to mention! No one is pointing out the details of the parallel… When she had the convo with Christopher, it seemed to allude to how Rory was going to handle her future relationship with Logan. They made it clear that Logan would never be more than a labeled “father”. Also, Jess was still in love with her. So to bring it all full circle that Jess would likely be Rory’s “Luke”. Am I the only one who thought that?

  4. I’m glad I’m not the only one wearing all the gray lately! As far as Gilmore Girls, I was a little disappointed in the episodes. I definitely didn’t think Rory was that bad either, but I thought there was a lot of random stuff in there (the musical??!) that was unnecessary. I’ve always been a bit on Team Logan, but I wanted to see more of Jess in the episodes. It was like he was just randomly there without any storyline! I hope there is more to come!

    By Lauren M

    1. THE MUSICAL WAS SO RANDOM. I couldn’t bear it — I ended up fast forwarding through it. But I love Sutton Foster, she’s a cutie. (Have you watched Younger yet? She’s in it! It’s so good!) I wanted to see more of Jess too. Mainly because he’s hot. I’ll just have to keep watching this is us for more Jess 😉

  5. Ooooh I am so glad you brought up GG. I thought I was the last person on the planet to still be watching it. I finished it a couple nights ago, and I want to watch it again now that I know how it ends. Looking back, there were clues, especially the convo with her dad. I actually thought it ended perfectly. Rory’s life was always paralleling Lorelai’s, and like someone else said, if everything was perfect, there would be no storyline. They could continue it or they could leave it as is, and I think it would be awesome either way. Of course, I’d love to have more new material to watch, but it was getting sort of repetitive. I’ll be curious to see if they continue it. I still can’t decide if I’m #teamJess or #teamLogan. I like them both for different reasons. Okay, sorry for writing a book! 🙂

    1. I’m actually SO slow when it comes to shows like that. I get interested and watch like 5 in a row then forget to finish! Ha. It drives my husband insane.

      I thought it ended right, as well. I wouldn’t have loved it if she was polished and had everything figured out, that’s just not real life and that’s not true to GG, I don’t feel! Of course I love her character and want her to be happy and successful (look at me, like she’s a real person!) but I feel satisfied with how it ended.

      I think everyone except me is team Logan, haha! They were cute together…maybe I should give them a chance 😉

  6. I’m #TeamJess all the way! Overall I loved it. There were a few parts I think we all could’ve done without *ahem* the super long unnecessary musical! I loved that Rory didn’t have it all figured out and was kind of a hot mess. Although I’m not opposed to the Logan/Rory story line continuing the way it did; I wish they had done something else with her love life. They were cheating so carelessly with little to no thought on who it might hurt (Hi Odette & Paul!) and that bummed me out big time.

    My FAV story line was Emily Gilmore. I absolutely loved watching her grieve, rebuild and then find a new joy to her life after Richard. So badass seeing her stand up to the DAR ladies finally. I’ve been waiting forever for her to do that. The moment on the phone with Lorelei explaining her best “Dad moment” was icing on the cake.

  7. I thought the GG girls revival was pretty good (other than the episode with the musical. So boring!). I really liked the last episode with the Wild references and Lorelai’s moment with her mom on the phone. I also loved Luke and Lorelai’s wedding (though I thought that his daughter and Emily should have probably been there). I’m also team Jess! I wish he and Sookie had more screen time. And I loved the cameo’s from Lauren’s fellow Parenthood actors. So fun!

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