Framed Watercolor Abstract from Threshold at Target. Kendi Everyday at Home.

I swear I went into Target for detergent only. But I came out with a piece of art. To be fair, I’ve been looking for a similar piece and it was under $40. This is what I call a Target situation and I always take care of the situation. Also to be fair — THIS IS TARGET, PEOPLE. I can not be trusted in there. Don’t give me any form of payment and let me lose in there and then act like it was my fault. Please. 

As we’ve bought most of the furniture for each room in our home, I’ve moved onto decorating the walls. We’ve been looking for the perfect piece for this one little wall in our living room. Guess what? It is a perfect fit. I know a good find when I see one. ( You can find the piece here.) I may or may not have picked up this one, too. My memory is fuzzy after that first sip of the Target kool-aid.

Framed Watercolor Abstract from Threshold at Target. Kendi Everyday at Home.

Good news though — this time I remembered the detergent. So I won’t be back… this week anyway.

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  1. Beautiful ! Home or room tour please, Kendi! I badly need inspiration (and your humor is icing on the cake) 🙂

  2. I recently went to Target for some hurricane supplies and came out with sparkling water, kombucha and a Lama Lamp. Did I remember flash lights??? Um…no. But I did end up finding a flashlight elsewhere the next day. Haha..

    The print is gorgeous btw! That piece is a nice wow feature.

  3. Me at Target the other day: “Oh…your total comes to $60….. of lipstick.”

    Houston, we have a problem. (It was every color of NYX Lip Lingerie…well, still missing 2 colors, but I will get them, oh yes i will.)

    1. I have got to get on the NYX train fast! Everyone keeps mentioning them!

      And yes, Houston we’ve got a huge problem. I’m literally 1 mile away from a target. It’s a good thing and a bad thing… 😉

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