How to Be a Morning Person

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There was once a time when I didn’t wake up on the wrong side of the bed every single morning. In fact I used to be a morning person — I loved waking up early and was happy from the moment my eyes blinked open. But now I am like a bear waking from hibernation — it is not a pretty sight. I am one of those coffee mugs that say ‘don’t talk to me until I’ve refilled twice.’ in human form. I realized this a few months ago that every thought I had from the hours of 7 am to 10 am were negative and anxious. And immediately I felt foreign to my own mind — but wait hadn’t I always been a morning person? Since when was I a grump in the morning?

So I investigated. I asked my husband who has woken up next to me for the last 8 years when I started to be sour milk in the morning. He said the downward spiral of not being a happy morning person was probably in the last 3 years. Makes sense, I thought, as these have been some of my most stressful. Well then I thought to myself — no longer. I am not going to be a grump any more.

And as it turns out, it IS possible to not be a heinous person in the first few hours of the day. I’ve been working on changing my habits and routine these last few months and you know what? I’m — almost —  a morning person again. AKA you can talk to me before that cup of coffee and I will respond happily.

Here are a few tips and tricks I’ve picked up!

Wake up earlier!

Your first reaction is probably WHAT. THE. *%#!. KENDI?? I know, I know. But hear me out — I have found that taking your time in the morning, as opposed to feeling like everything is a mad rush, makes for a happier day. So I wake up an hour earlier than normal because I realized I take an extremely long time to do my makeup and hair. Not because of anything other than I like to take my time, sip my coffee, and sometimes just sit in a daze. Think about it — why are Saturday mornings so nice? Ok, true, you don’t have to go to work but also because they are taken slowly. You can take your time drinking your coffee, getting ready, etc. So if you apply this logic to your weekday schedule, you can take a little bit longer with getting ready, eating breakfast, heck — laying in bed getting caught up on instagram! It doesn’t matter what your favorite morning fix is, just make sure you give yourself enough time to do it. Being rushed and late is the quickest way to ruin a good mood.

Have your coffee (and drink it, too.)

I love getting my coffee at a coffee shop and would love to every single day. But here is the thing — if I wait that long to drink coffee, I’m a monster. I’ve realized that a little cup of caffeine in the morning gives me an energy boost and happiness follows. So I make sure my coffee maker is ready the night before, the water is in, the coffee is ready to go. That way when I brew my cup in the morning, I’m guaranteed a cup of coffee just the way I like it. I can sip it throughout my morning routine. And if you prefer breakfast in the morning, make sure that’s easily accessible as well!

(This goes for tea, lemon water, smoothies or whatever else you like to get you started in the morning!)

Plan ahead.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned over the years is this: failing to plan is planning to fail. Cute, right? I picked it up from somewhere along the way (Pinterest, perhaps) Also daunting, right? It’s a little doomsday but it means well. Years ago I used to have super high anxiety in the mornings, but I realized it was because I left everything the day before in disarray. I had nothing planned — not my outfit, not my schedule, not my blog posts. So I slowly started to chip away at these inefficiencies, starting with my schedule and to do list for the day on the day before. Before I left my office or desk, my next day would be planned out. So when I wake up, I had no surprises and I knew what I would be getting into for the day.

Planning your outfit ahead of time is also a time saver and it makes your morning so easy. Almost as if you had a stylist or an assistant lay it out for you. Except you did it. You are your own assistant, but at least you know what you like. 😉

Listen to a peppy playlist!

One thing that I learned about myself is that my mood is very receptive to music. A peppy or happy playlist will quickly dissolve negative feelings. Mornings, for me at least, are a slower time for my processor, so music wakes me up in the nicest way. I use various playlists on Spotify (Mood Booster, Happy Hits and Hit Rewind are some of my favorites if you have Spotify!) Pandora is also a favorite to listen to, or my favorite upbeat album.

Of course you might be of the more mellow crowd, and peppy music might not work for you. If this is you, meditation is always a wonderful thing to integrate into your morning routine.

Make your bed.

Did you know that simply making your bed boosts your mood because you will feel like you’ve accomplished something? I am one of those people that writes something down on my to do list that I’ve already completed just to check it off, so this is right up my alley. Any little thing to make me feel ready to take on the day, I am there. Plus it makes your room so happy and clean, which is the best feeling when you get home.

What are your morning habits or routines that make for your best day? Share them below!

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  1. Rena says:

    I follow all these rules but I’m still waiting that I will be a morning person 🙂
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    09.29.16 · Reply
  2. I’ve NEVER been a morning person, but everything goes much more smoothly and I’m in a much better mood when I don’t have to frantically rush around like a chicken with my head cut off every morning (complete with rushing my three year old through everything.) I’m going to start going to bed earlier and getting up earlier so I can have better mornings.

    09.29.16 · Reply
  3. YES ! I love being a morning person. it’s just something about the smell of the air before the sun warms it all up. Loved your tips

    09.29.16 · Reply
  4. there is something about the smell of early morning then coffee 😀 it’s truly beautiful. loved your tips

    09.29.16 · Reply
  5. Kristina says:

    I need to try the whole waking up earlier thing – whenever I have a little more time to get ready (ahem, review Snapchat) my day starts off a lot better!

    Kristina does the Internets

    09.29.16 · Reply
  6. Mireia says:

    I’m definitely not a morning person, but I try my best!

    Mireia from TGL

    09.29.16 · Reply
  7. Listen to good music, eat breakfast calmly!
    Plan your meals the night before 🙂
    Check out my blog!

    09.29.16 · Reply
  8. sasa says:

    Great tips:P

    Shall We Sasa

    09.29.16 · Reply
  9. Katrina/librarirun says:

    I wish getting up earlier would help – but that would mean 3AM and that’s just a NO. 🙁 But prepping outfits the night before (or prepping ANYTHING) is a #1.

    As well as enjoying your coffee. Big yes.

    09.29.16 · Reply
    • Kendi Everyday says:

      Oh my God, please don’t wake up at 3AM!!! Girlfriend, you wake up so early!! I would be the biggest grouch! 🙂

      09.29.16 · Reply
  10. Paula says:

    I loved reading this. You are so right about how rushing instead of having more time is what makes mornings so miserable at times. I just got a new dog so waking up even earlier would probably really add to my happiness. That way I won’t have to rush to take her out and get ready for work. Great post Kendi!


    09.29.16 · Reply
  11. Alexa says:

    I make coffee at home every morning and it helps when!

    09.29.16 · Reply
  12. Monika says:

    Needed this post!

    09.29.16 · Reply
  13. Diane says:

    I’m so not a morning person either! But I’ve tricked myself into thinking I am by:
    -Getting enough sleep! I love staying up late but it makes it so much harder to get up.
    – I turn on a morning radio talk show that’s upbeat before I even get out of bed which helps keep my mind distracted from the little worries that creep in your head in the morning.
    -Get everything ready for work the night before- clothes picked out, lunch made, bags ready to go.
    -I got a new puppy in Jan so have been in the habit of walking him before work every morning. Which I DREADED at first, but now I kind of like it b/c it’s so quiet and calm outside so early in the morning (6:45am!)

    09.29.16 · Reply
  14. Ev says:

    Nice post dear 🙂

    09.29.16 · Reply
  15. Linda Z says:

    I’m not a morning person either! I think you are totally right about the waking up earlier thing! Do I actually do it? Not so much. 😛

    09.29.16 · Reply
  16. Omg I really need to start getting up earlier. I’m such a night owl!
    Jabeen x

    09.29.16 · Reply
  17. lauren says:

    I totally used to be a morning person too but not so much lately, I am going to try these tips, thanks!!

    09.29.16 · Reply
  18. McKenzie says:

    I really need to take these steps and become more of a morning person! I’m terrible, but these tips are great! xo

    McKenzie |

    09.29.16 · Reply
  19. This was so helpful… I recently started grad school and now have to wake up at 6am… it’s literally the hardest thing to do

    09.29.16 · Reply
  20. Lydia says:

    Good opinions!

    09.30.16 · Reply
  21. Tiffany says:

    Peppy Playlist is my best tip for getting me out of bed, a good tune deserves feet on the floor.

    09.30.16 · Reply
  22. Manavi says:

    Waking up in the morning has always been difficult but what I’ve noticed is that the earlier you wake up, the slower your day flies. Like I’m always finding myself saying what it’s only 10am? I get a lot of things done too. 🙂 If only it wasn’t so hard, the world would be an even better place to live in. Haha

    09.30.16 · Reply
  23. camille says:
    10.01.16 · Reply
  24. hi Kendy! I follow you since quiiiiiiiiite few years but never left a comment 🙁 Sorry!
    I am waking up at 5h30! It is my second month. I got fed up of writing the same list of things I wanted to do but never found the time. My tricks: I planned the night before what I am going to do – and it is always something FOR ME (my projects: learing Italian, Tarot, designing a new like of jewellery…. does not work of decluttering :-P). It is like when you need to wake up early to catch a flight to Bahamas! (or Maiorca in my case). I need to be excited. Then, when I go to bed, I “program” myself: I tell me I am going to wake up between 5h30 and 6h30. So I do, without alarm! I am very happy and managed to finish tons of things! My husband said he wants to do it also… but I am not excited with the idea- early morning is MY time 😉
    Give it a try but start with something that REALLY motivates you. Un abrazo! Paula

    10.07.16 · Reply
  25. Marilynn says:

    I totally used to be a morning person too but not so much lately, I am going to try these tips, thanks!!

    10.10.16 · Reply
  26. Benjamin says:

    just got a new dog so waking up even earlier would probably really add to my happiness. That way I won’t have to rush to take her out and get ready for work. Great post

    10.30.16 · Reply
  27. Harriett says:

    Wonderful post and beautiful pictures!

    11.03.16 · Reply
  28. david says:

    I make coffee at home every morning and it helps when!

    01.14.17 · Reply