The Classic Peacoat

I feel like owning a peacoat at some point in your life is a rite of passage. My first one (that I remember, of course) was in college. I loved that coat so and wore it well through all four years. It’s a classic, a must-have for any time in your life. The peacoat never really goes out of style which is nice because you can guarantee every year when the coats come onto the racks, this classic cut will be there. I’ve teamed up with Old Navy this month to bring you three looks perfect for your classic peacoat. Because sometimes classics can become basic, so I wanted to show how a little pop of red can perk up a winter essential three different ways: weekday, weekend and whenever.
This might be a bit more than just a pop of red, admittedly. But you get the idea — camel and red are the hottest combination. The Angelina and Brad of colors. But more importantly, I feel like the peacoat gets past off as a casual coat — but it can easily be dressed up. A pair of heels and a little red dress and the peacoat gets upgraded to date night status. Like restaurant reservations date night. Oh, you fancy huh? 
To me, this is the classic peacoat ensemble — tall boots, big scarf, classic coat. Big scarves are just my thing right now. I get into a bad habit of loving a look and then before I know it, I have multiple oversized plaid scarves. I guess there are other things I could be into in excess that could be worse. Having a lot of scarves isn’t a terrible problem to have when you have a versatile coat. I also feel like my scarves kind of give my coat the personality. It’s like you can’t see what’s under my coat but this scarf tells you that it’s good. Big scarves are tell-tell signs of a good outfit.
For my last act, I give you middle ground: not quite dressed up and not quite dressed down. This is me most days — kind of casual and kind of dressy but the peacoat switches between either extreme well. That’s what I mean about a classic — it works no matter what. (And also a round of applause for the red scarf working her magic. I’m telling you — oversized scarves are where it is at.)
And there you have it: three ways to wear a classic coat any day of the week! PS: You can also catch me online at this week sharing my three peacoat looks as well 🙂
Look 1:
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Look 2:
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Look 3:
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  1. Looks very nice. Color combination is really nice. Pea coats make your more classic.

    10.29.16 · Reply