The holiday weekend hangover has commenced. I woke up this morning confused as to what day it was and then when I realized it was Monday I pulled the covers over my head a little bit more.  Two cups of coffee later and I’m able to communicate via typed words and head nods exclusively. Why are the days after holidays such a sludge to get through? You’d think after eating and napping on and off for a few days, we’d be well rested and prepared for this week. Quite the opposite for me; it’s scary how quickly my body adjusted to the life of a lush. 
Did anyone get out and fight the crowds for the weekend of shopping? We were busy in the shop all weekend but I always love hearing if people got out to shop. It was rainy here (like ‘Noah get that arc ready’ kind of rainy) but people still braved the weather to come and shop small on Friday and Saturday. B and I ended up not leaving our house for the rest of the weekend, because that is what rainy days are for. They are also for very cozy sweaters and large scarves. It’s my favorite uniform for this time of year. Give me a big cozy sweater and I’ll be one happy girl. 
(PS: it looks like this sweater is on sale for Cyber Monday at Free People and a very similar one at Nordstrom! Can’t beat that!) 
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29 Responses

  1. I wish we could have stopped by! We all went to Galveston for Thanksgiving. I missed my West & Lou fix!

  2. LOVE this look! I could wear oversized sweaters every day and be happy, so its nice to see different ways to style them and not look like you just rolled out of bed, even though that’s totally what they’re for. Also- maybe its all the food and rest you got, but you’re looking especially bright? Maybe its the black. I don’t know! Ya look good!


  3. I commend the shoppers for heading out in such a downpour! Good for them, haha.
    Also, rainy days are THE best for sweaters–so cozy and dreamy, as long as you’re indoors!

  4. I feel the same way! I had such a hard time getting going this morning. I hope your shop had a super successful weekend! Love the sweater too; perfect for these days of overindulging 🙂

    Wishes & Reality

  5. It’s almost like a punishment for having the time off, when you deal with the difficulty of getting back to the grind after the long weekend.

    The only thing better than turkey and holidays is a cozy scarf and sweater, right?

    Something About That

  6. This was a great outfit inspiration for me! I wore something similar yesterday and it was versatile enough to transition from the office to kid’s hockey game. Simplicity at its best!

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