How is it already Monday again? Usually I feel a bit more prepared for Monday’s chaos, but this week I wasn’t ready. I feel like our weekend went by SO fast. Busy day at the shop on Saturday and yesterday B and I went furniture shopping. (His favorite.) This is how I get him to go with me: I lure him in with promises of brunch and coffee and then casually blindfold him and by the time we are in the parking lot of a furniture store, he is too far away to run. This also works at malls, if you’re wondering.

I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to decorating our house but I’m also one of those ‘let’s do it all right now’ kind of perfectionists, which is quite impossible when it comes to decorating a home. I’m reminding myself we are in this home for a long time and I’ve got many years to decorate, but it’s so fun shopping and dreaming up our new place. I’m trying to meet myself half way between right now and in the next ten years. What is that 5 years? Immediately my mind bargained and said what about 5 months? It’s impossible for even me to reason with me.

I love the shade of this dress — it’s not quite black, so it’s the perfect shade of dark grey. And it’s super soft. Which is a huge plus when you think about putting a whole sweater on your body. Itchy is no bueno for me. I can usually deal with a few itchy sweaters but not in a sweater dress. It’s hard to be discreet when your whole body is itching. I had wanted a nice camel scarf this year to pair with my new coat and this one was just begging to come home with me. Much like furniture, clothes speak to me. I can’t help but take a begging scarf home. 

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  1. I’m the same way about decorating our house. I just want it done right now! But it’s been over a year and we are still working on it haha! I do love this outfit! It the perfect weekend look!

  2. Gorgeous dress! I definitely have a love-hate relationship with furniture shopping and home decor. Can’t wait for a home tour!

  3. Haha! I bribe my husband with brunch too! lol. We moved into our house in May and I’m having a hard time waiting on decorating too. I just keep repeating what I heard Nate Berkus say once, “a home should feel collected over time”.

    P.S. I love this outfit!

  4. Beautiful sweater dress, I love how you styled it. These booties are fabulous!

  5. What an unexpected color combination! I love the contrast of the light and dark, but also the cool and warm colors. Lovely!


  6. I bought this same dress back in September with great guilt over the cost, but thinking it would be awesome to snuggle up in for fall and winter. Lo an behold, we have had weather in the 60s and 70s all fall! Dang weather is conspiring against my style plans ;). This is a great styling idea for the warmer days!

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