Well it’s official. We are (almost) homeowners! We found our perfect house that I’m obsessed with. I drive by it every single day, sometimes twice. Now we just have to close on Monday and then move next week. So in other words if I’m a little quiet on the internet over the next two weeks it’s because my life will be going in and out of boxes. I hate moving but I’m so excited for this house, I don’t mind it one bit. I can’t even wait to show you guys. Well I mean I’ll have to wait because we don’t quite own it yet but you get my idea. 
I have been living in this tee lately.  I bought it oversized, as I do, to give it a bit more slouch. I reached for the navy and white top first but realized that I’ve got that stripe combo covered, so I went for the red. And with these pants, which were an everyday staple this summer, this top pairs perfectly. (I found this pair at J.Crew this summer but per usual they ended up with very similar ones at J.Crew Factory!) They are just easy to pair with sneaks or heels, which is nice for going between work mode and packing mode.

Work mode is always the cuter look, by the way. The packing mode look is a bit more disheveled, way less organized and crazed.  

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    1. Honestly I am not sure since I bought these in store. I would assume that it is the Fatique color, but I don’t know for sure! They might not be as green as these that I’m wearing, they look a bit more muted but they are still a cute shade of green πŸ™‚

  1. Not only is that outfit the cutest! (and why didn’t I think about red and green, also those stripes . . . ) but more excitingly your gonna be homeowners!! Congrats! If your move was anything like mine (last week) its gonna be totally insane but the best thing ever!!!!! Owning is soo good, so have fun! However if my own experience is anything to go by, trying to get three rooms striped back (carpets and all), re painted and re populated with your existing furniture and a good portion of Ikea is don’t do it all at once! You have all the time in the world and enjoy every single second of creating your home!

    and stalking your own home, totally not alone! Not that I did that of course . . .


    (I just happened to stumble into that village, miles from my old town . . .)

  2. I cannot wait to see what your house looks like based on how much I love your style!!!!

  3. LOVE this striped tee! Always on the hunt for a new striped one. You said you sized up.. what size are you normally and what size did you order? Thinking of ordering the red and the navy striped! Thank you! And a huge congrats on the home! CANNOT wait to see it!! xo

  4. Congrats on the new house! I drove by my almost hoee everyday as well when were were buying it. it’s such an exciting time! Enjoy!

  5. Yay for the house! Can’t wait to see pictures! Can you let me know what size you ordered in the pants or if they run big? I’ve been looking for a pair like this forever and J. Crew’s sizing has been unpredictable for me lately. Thanks girl! xo

    1. I agree! I am all over the map with JCrew sometimes. They run a tiny bit big! I ordered an 8 and they are a bit loose, so I’d go with your normal size and expect them to run loose after wear or size down and after a little while they will feel perfect! Does that help??

  6. As someone with a whopping 3 months of home ownership experience, I will tell you to be excited for the best but prepared for the worst all at the same time. Sounds like you’ve got the excited part covered. Hang on to that feeling because you will need to remind yourself how much you love your house when you are spending $5000 to replace the sewer line in a month. You know, hypothetically. Not that I would know anything about that.
    ~Sarah of Sarah’s Real Life

  7. girl, you nailed it!!…and you know it! look how sassy you look in that first pic πŸ˜‰

  8. I love LOVE this outfit! I’m totally going to recreate it next week!
    Also, YAY! for a new house – it’s so exciting! except so much more work lol

    Happy Medley

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