Here’s my only complaint with a three-day weekend: I wake up on Tuesday super confused as to what day it is and wonder why nothing got done on Monday. Then I go into full on panic mode in my head. This is when my type A side kicks in and starts reminding me that we’ve already lost a day this week and it’s GO time. Mind you this is all while I’m surfing Facebook and drinking my coffee for an extra 10 minutes than I usually do. I don’t always listen to that voice in my head. I should, but I don’t. I also don’t listen to the voice that says go back to bed. I really should start listening to myself more.

Now onto the fact that I’m wearing a metallic tweed pencil skirt. That’s right — it’s metallic and shiny and gold and it’s called ‘sparkle tweed’. You better believe my eyes lit up the minute I saw this skirt. There are two things I will never not love: anything gold and pencil skirts. When you mix them together, it’s my kryptonite. Oh, look they made a jacket in this fabric, too. Just think if you wore them together, the possibilities of being the shiniest person at work are very, very good.

J.Crew Metallic Tweed Skirt (30% off with code!)

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  1. What more could you want than being the shiniest person at work eh? Instant promotion I reckon! Love this skirt on you.

  2. At work? More like, in the world! Hehe. Regardless, you look so sophisticated that I’m jealous! 🙂

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