It’s FRIDAY and I’m in florals. Two of my favorite things. It’s also unofficially Floral Friday so I hope you’re wearing your petal prints. That way we can silently nod to each other on the street in our florals. If not, well there are actually zero consequences other than you missing out on an imaginary secret society that I just made up out of the week’s end exhaustion and the mindlessness of forgetting that people actually read what I write on the internet. You wouldn’t want that now, would you? 
(PS: If you’re in or around Chandler, Texas (outside of Tyler) tomorrow, we are having West & Lou pop up sale benefitting my sister’s adoption fund! I thought it would be a fun way to raise a little extra money for my sister’s growing family. Want to come? You can find more details here.)
*I’ll be real honest these are like a 6 on the comfort scale because of the heel height. I linked a possibly better option if you don’t prefer pain. 😉

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  1. Can you do a hair tutorial? I like how your waves. Whenever I try to do that, I end up with curls. =(

  2. I love how you write your blog. Great outfit today! I almost wore florals today but decided to wear stripes, guess I am out of the secret society :/ lol

  3. I love the your top! I normally pair my girliest tops with ripped, distressed jeans. I loved how you paired it with light, distressed denim!

  4. Oh my gosh I think we have the same pair of jeans! Did you get yours from ?

  5. I wore a floral lace dress today – that means I'm in, right?!

    Good luck with the pop-up shop! What a wonderful thing you are all doing, I hope you guys manage to reach your goal!

  6. You look so effortless in this beautiful floral blouse. What a beauty!

  7. how is every day a good hair day in your world. Please tell me a hair post is coming soon! x

  8. Hi Kendi,
    Your hair looks so fabulous and effortlessly chic in these photos!
    I hope the pop-up sale went well and that you had a great turn out to raise money to help with your sister's adoption! What a wonderful thing!
    Warmest Regards,
    Cynthia at

  9. Love how you made this into
    your own kind of style! I really like the jeans on you as well! I recently
    purchased some similar jeans from and I think that you would
    really love the tomboy meet sexy style that are trying to go for, just go see
    for yourself!

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