Is there anything more winter than fair isle sweaters? Okay so what about a fair isle sweater and a mug of hot cocoa? Your answer has to be no, there is nothing more wintery than that because if it’s not you are doing winter wrong. Because here is the deal with fair isle sweaters — you can wear them at any time. See? I have it dressed up above and dressed down below. And if you really want to go with the whole Christmas eve / winter nights theme you can pair them with adorable leggings, tall socks and yes, I’m going to say it — a mug of hot cocoa. And maybe the movie Love Actually. 
I think the other thing I like about fair isle is that it’s wintery without being holiday. Holiday trends like sparkles, sequins, etc kind of fall off after the end of December / first of January. But on every other winter day for the next few months, fair isle is not only accepted but welcomed. And that’s my ode to fair isle this winter. You know what? I feel like for the first time in 5 years on this blog I’m actually coming around to winter. It’s not so bad after all. (But I claim the right to retract this statement at any time during the months of January and February.)

Look #1:
Look #2:

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45 Responses

  1. Oh my gosh that sweater + pompom hat is adorable. I am running to Old Navy ASAP… or maybe it's not too late to add it to my Christmas wishlist… /ponders

  2. kendi…please post your lipstick colors as well in your listing below. Thx. a perennial fan.

  3. Thats second outfit is such a winner. The coat. Amazing. And love how your lipstick matches those adorable boots!

  4. Great way to style a sweater. Love the entire ensemble! You look perfect 🙂

  5. I agree with you on Fair Isle, nothing better. However, as my friends and I were discussing just last night….currently there's nothing worse. It seems as though people just found out about it and everyone wants to wear it. Have you bee a fan always? My friends and I have been wearing it for years. In high school, all winter long, we lived in them. Only difference is we wore them with bear boots or winter Sperry's. You've styled yours nicely in both looks but I can only hope this trend dies soon and the true F.I. people are left. Sorry if I come across negative, I guess my passion from last night has rolled over to this morning.

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